Buy Remote Control Cars and Trucks from VolgoPoint

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Buy Remote Control Cars and Trucks from VolgoPoint

Having a new hobby that will occupy a lot of your free time ask for a lot of dedication and such might just be the remote control toys hobby because you can use the toys from and make them into your unique RC toys. This hobby is not only popular with kids but also with adults who like to explore and discover electronics but who also like to learn about how to make personalized toys.


Radio-controlled cars are miniature model cars or trucks that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter or remote. Having a new hobby that will occupy a lot of your free time ask for a lot of dedication and such might just be the remote control toys hobby. A Remote Control Cars and Trucks for girls and boys will offer memorable moments of play to speed and thrill seekers. By their remote control system with batteries or battery, Remote Control Cars and Trucks with electric motor and other vehicles can be directed on any ground or on a circuit for cars and truck. Miniature vehicles are fascinating for many, so the selection of RC vehicles for children and adults is growing.

RC cars and trucks come in a variety of quality levels, from expensive hobby-grade models to kids' toys.

In general, a toy-grade RC car is relatively cheap but less sturdy and with parts that are not designed to be reassembled. If a toy-grade RC car breaks, the parts cannot be replaced; thus, you have to replace the whole car. In comparison, hobby grade RC cars are more expensive. However, they are designed with components that can be modified or taken apart and replaced to keep them for many years down the road. In comparison, hobby grade cars are designed and built with materials that last longer and can take more tear and wear. Unlike toy cars that come with bristle plastics that break, hobby cars are made with durable materials such as aluminum alloys and nylon composites. Though these materials aren't indestructible, they can get banged around for a very long time without breaking. This means hobby grade cars can move faster and make more complicated moves the toy grade cars aren't capable of.

Here are some of our favorite RC models.

Monster trucks have always proven popular as they are the king of the off-road. Big, fast and offering unrelenting power, monster trucks go anywhere and fast!

Stadium trucks offer speed, stability and some off road ability. Featuring longer suspension arms and longer shock absorbers, stadium trucks are a good cross over vehicle from road to track.

Buggies have proven to be the fastest performer on streets, driveways and clay tracks worldwide. Light, nimble and fast, what they lack in off road ability, they make up for in straight line speed.

Truggies are born of the the desire for monster truck size vs a buggies high speed. Big wheels and body like a truck yet speeds similar to some 2WD buggies, Truggies are the backyard bashers choice as they go almost anywhere at speed with the durability to survive.

Crawlers have evolved from the desire for enthusiasts to replicate their real full size 4WD vehicles. Slower than a traditional remote control vehicle, crawlers are designed to crawl up and over terrain at scale speeds and replicate your favorite daily drive. 

The Volgopoint offers a wide variety of vehicles with remote control for Remote Control Cars and Trucks fans: Racing cars, RC airplanes, RC boats, RC helicopters etc.

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