Brighton Vet: What To Do When Your Pet Doesn’t Want To Go To The Vet?

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Brighton Vet: What To Do When Your Pet Doesn’t Want To Go To The Vet?

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  • 30-Jun-2020
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Pet owners are aware of a huge problem– the tantrums of the pet the moment they sense that you might be taking them to the vet. Well, they are afraid of going to the vet. Mostly when they have been to the clinic before and had already sensed the fear and anxiety that permeates amongst the other pets present there, and that is certainly not something that they like. Our pets are much like us – just like we do not like to visit the dentist and would love to avoid it any cost, our pets too feel the same way about going to the vet!

So, how can you deal with a situation like this?

Well, it is important to remember that more than being afraid of the vet, your pet is afraid of the clinic because as mentioned before they sense the fear of the other present there. They want to avoid that at all costs. So, what is the best possible solution in a situation like this? Well, if you cannot get your pet to go to the vet, why not bring your Brighton vet home?

Yes, that’s right! There are vets who can be summoned to your home through using a mobile app! They will come to your home and give your pet the medical attention that they need. This way, you save time, and you save your pet a trip to the clinic as well. Your pet knows their home, and hence, they are likely to be more comfortable when they are treated at home, instead of at the clinic.

Some pets tend to become very agitated, or some runaway into a corner the moment they realise that they have to go to the clinic. This is perfectly normal because they are scared. Do you know why they feel scared?

Well, as pointed out before, if they have been to the vet before, and it has not been a pleasant experience for them(suppose they have had taken a painful injection or so), then they fear that something similar is going to happen to them this time around as well, and hence, they refuse to go and feel scared. There is also another reason, as we have shown before.

The other animals present there too have a sense of fear pervading amongst them which they catch up on, and hence, they begin to feel all the more scared. So, when such a thing happens, do not scold them. Understand their fear and be nice to them. Make them feel comfortable. They are already feeling sick, and hence, there is no point in making it more difficult for them. Your primary aim will be to help them calm down. You will have to be patient with this.

Do something that your pet enjoys and make it seem like it’s not a very big deal, and there is nothing to be afraid. They will be looking to you for comfort and support, and hence, make sure that you provide them with that.

When it comes to the vet, make their experience as pleasant as possible. Well, when kids refuse to go to dentists, it is those candies that they get at the end of the session, which helps parents to drag them to the dentist.

So, basically, the children know that they can sit through a couple of hours at a dentist’s office and a ‘terrifying’ few minutes on the dentist’s chair because at the end of it, they will get candy or an ice-cream – so they will be doing it for the reward. It is not very different for pets. They feel and act much in the same manner.

You can do the same thing too, by making sure that your pet is rewarded in some way after their check-up with the vet. This way at least they might be scared initially, but they will know that there will be a reward waiting for them later after their session with the Brighton vet. So, now they will have a reason to look forward when the vet checks them. In fact, pets will be scared of vets, whether at the clinic or at home. They can sense it. So, it is best that every time a vet visits your pet at your home, you have some reward or the other waiting for your pet at the end of it all!

The key is to understand the fact that your pet does not want to go to the vet because it is scared. So, make them feel comfortable, and it’s best if you can have the vet check-up on them at home with an after-hours vet, which makes the situation way less stressful for you and your pet.


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