How Long Does a Composite Bonding Last

Composite Bonding

How Long Does a Composite Bonding Last

Composite bonding can stay a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 10 years. The margin is big enough, and unlike veneers that usually last up to 7 and 15 years, composite bonding does not last so long. But there are certain benefits that come with using composite bonding compared to veneers. Composite bonding does not require so much filing of your enamel, and it is less expensive than veneers. So, if you find it uncomfortable to have your tooth filed down, you might as well consider composite bonding.

How to maintain composite bonding

Numerous factors influence how long you can use your composite bonding. Besides, just like everything of value needs maintenance, so does your composite tooth bonding.

Practising good oral hygiene is key! Should you develop a cavity around your tooth, getting it treated with crowns will be very costly. To avoid this, carefully and thoroughly brush your teeth two times a day. You should floss your teeth at least once daily. Regular use of mouthwash is also good, and do well to see your dentist two times a year for checkups; treating the slightest dental issue can save you a lot of problems later on.

Aside from oral hygiene, you need to develop a personal protection plan for your tooth bonding. This is because there are chances of getting your tooth bonding chipped, so you need to exercise care with what you chew and how you eat. For instance, it is safer to cut up an apple into smaller pieces and chew them with your molars, rather than bite into it with your bonded front teeth. Avoid the bad habit of using your teeth to open packages, including bottles. Chewing hard substances like the end of your pencil, hard candy, and ice should be stopped. Should you be into biting your nails, having bonded teeth should discourage the habit.

Replacing your composite bonding

There are signs that show your tooth bonding needs replacement. For example, contact your dentist if you observe any lifted or sharp edges on your tooth bonding. Again, observe how your bonded teeth feels when you bite; if there are changes, it could be a sign of loose bonding.

Do not ignore problems with your tooth bonding as it can fall off and chip your tooth if it comes loose and is not treated.

Build your self-confidence with a brilliant smile by undergoing a tooth bonding that will change the way you smile. Just imagine going on that date with a beautiful smile that may not be easily forgotten. The happiness that comes with being able to smile publicly cannot be overemphasised.

So, when should you deem it necessary to replace your tooth bonding? When you notice the signs we've mentioned above, do well to see your dentist. Bear in mind that generally, your composite bonding can last from 3 to 10 years before replacement, but how you handle it during usage also matters.

Need composite bonding?

If you feel the need to change your smile and improve your oral hygiene, contact us at Fitzroy Dentist to learn more about composite bonding or to get a better smile. Should you be looking for a dentist with experience and finesse, we have a reliable and friendly team at our practice. We provide the best treatment with high-end modern technology. You should book an appointment for composite bonding in London.

When you come to a clinic for having a composite bonding, their dentist will discuss your needs and provide you with the right kind of treatment. So, feel free to contact your nearest clinic to book your consultation.

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