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Essence of Human Sexuality

Dr.sunil patidar is a renowned sexologist in bhopal (India). Dr patidar is a certified sexologist & counselor. He has practicing homeopathy and their specialization in sexology He has certificate in sex Counselor and Sex Education.Over a period of his medical career Dr.patidar who is a super specialist in field of sexology and sexual health is very much interested in creating awareness about sexual life in Indian society.

In this fast-paced era, people have no enough time to spend some quality time with near and dear ones, which makes them bored and uninteresting life. Hence, nature gave sex as a very special gift to human beings. It is a fact that sex can remove the distance of people and helps to make a strong bond of love and pleasure between two humans.

Sex is considered as a beautiful present of nature which has the power to create a new life. It is believed that sex is love, passion, pious, and divine. It is a part of our life; its influence brings two persons together and gives them the freedom to come closer to each other. But, there are so many folks in this world who feel that sex is a very private and a concealing activity of life. Hence, they don’t like sharing this thing with anyone else.

The sex is really a pleasurable activity for couples, but if one partner faces any issue during this lovely journey of sex, so the couple cannot enjoy that time.  Actually, sex is the really very confidential thing for everyone and hence people cannot talk reveal their problem with anyone. To solve this problem, the couple should get the help of sexologist. There are so many sexologists available in every corner of the world. A couple should find out the best sexologist near residence, such as Best Sexologist in Bhopal if they are citizens of Bhopal.

The sexologist is the expert doctor who has complete knowledge about sex and relevant problems. This is the reason that this kind of doctors can solve various kinds of sex-related problems easily. But, it is really very essential to talk with this doctor freely and explain all the sex issues without hesitation. If you cannot express your sex problems, so the doctor cannot do anything for you and cannot give a solution to your problems.

Many times, females cannot tell any sex problem with their partners also. And hence they feel hesitant to talk with any male doctor. These days, you can find Female Sexologist in Bhopal and other cities also. Consult a female sexologist is the best option if the female partner is facing sex issues during sex activity. Explaining the female sex problem in front of a female doctor is a good choice because females can easily share and explain their problems with female doctors and find the appropriate solution to the disease.

So, we can say that sexologists are doctors who can solve your sex problems and remove the obstacle of couples due to sex problems. Always remember that a healthy sex life leads to a happy and satisfactory life. 


Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem of men; it can be an indication of the physiological problem. This issue comes due to stress, strain in the relationship, and lack of confidence. In this condition, generally, men cannot able to keep the erection during sexual intercourse. And this is the reason that the patient cannot satisfy the partner. This issue is considered a very serious issue to break the relationship.

There are so many symptoms of this sexual problem, but few are very common symptoms, seen in many patients, which are the inability to get or keep an erection, low sex drive, and anxiety about sexual performance. When, we see these types of symptoms in any male, so that means the person suffered from erectile dysfunction. The sexologist doctor is the perfect destination to cure this disease, here expert sexologist available to give you the proper treatment. This sexual problem can arise due to many causes and some we are going to discuss with you.


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