How To Arrange The Living Room According To Vastu

How To Arrange The Living Room According To Vastu

Vastu is known to be a very ancient yet scientific art which is widely followed in the world of architecture. It can specify certain manners on how particular house units can be or should be constructed.

One can consult a vastu expert online in Gurgaon if they are building a new house or they want to rearrange their living room in the current house where they reside. Here are a few things to keep in mind though which are very basic:

  • If the house already faces the north or the south direction then the living room has to be faced in the north east direction. In case the house is west facing then the right direction of the living room has to be on the north west side. When the house faces to the south then it should be in the south east direction.
  • One always gives more importance to the décor and the accessories they put in their living room but according to vastu, each and everything has to be kept in a certain way so that there is always a better flow of energy in the room. If one has a telephone then it needs to be kept in the south west direction. The electric appliances like the air conditioner or the cooler should be placed in the north or west corner of the room. The television must be set in the south east corner of the room.
  • If one wants to keep some furniture in the living room then they should be placed on the western corner of the room. According to vastu the furniture kept in this room has to be either rectangular or square. For installation of wall paintings and placement of aquariums, the north and east corners of the room are the best.
  • Many love to keep a chandelier in their living room. If that is the case then one must not place it right at the centre. It is appropriate it to hang it towards the west. The entry door of the room has to be on the north or the east direction.
  • The color scheme of the room must be decided depending on the direction of the room and the ruling planet of that direction. If the room is set in the east direction then it is ruled by the Sun. Hence one must keep the walls white and bright. But if the room is located in the west then Saturn is the ruling planet there and one should color it blue. According to vastu, the 2 colors that are strictly prohibited in the living room are red and black.
  • The members or the guests when sits in the living room they must follow a particular direction as well. The head of the family and the spouse must sit in the south west corner of the living area and the guests must be seated in the north west direction.

One can look for a vastushatra specialist in Gurgaon if they want detailed tips.

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