The Benefits of a Wedding Planner

The Benefits of a Wedding Planner

As much to warn you, a wedding does not organize a snap of fingers. even if the preparations are super-mega-cool, it's also a lot of work, time to spend and sometimes headaches. So why not opt ​​for the services of a wedding planner? You are told all the benefits that such a service provides.

We explain today the benefits that such a service can provide you. Organization from A to Z, D-Day, Decoration, we explain to you the reasons why hiring a wedding planner can be useful.

Many married people still hesitate to take a wedding planner to help them organize their wedding, advise them in decoration or accompany them on the day J.

If you do not have 300 hours in front of you to organize your nice day, if you are from stressed nature, if you do not get along moderately with your in-laws, if the decoration and you it's two, ... Then think about calling a professional event!

The Benefits of a Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner will allow you to enjoy many benefits. Thanks to his contacts, his experience and his creativity, he or she will allow you to save time, control your budget and make the most of D-Day. The wedding planner will also make you benefit from his network of quality service providers. will make your wedding unique.

Win time.  A wedding is about 300 hours of work. So if you do not have enough time, you do not want to crunch your bun with your future husband or in-laws, or bother with the organization, Wedding Aaha you several options: organization of A to Z, hours of advice, search for providers. We have the solution that you need according to your desires and your budget.

With the organization from A to Z, everything will be orchestrated and planned with a master hand. And if you want to make the most of the party and the same for your family and friends, opt for the D-Day package. Wedding Aaha manages the coordination of your day from the beginning of your preparations until the end of the dinner.

Control your budget.  As a wedding professional, Wedding Aaha is aware of market prices. By appealing to us, you make sure to pay your benefits at the right price. We help you set a budget, see more clearly and organize expenses. You can even reduce your expenses and benefit from reduced rates with some providers.

Earn in quality. The Factory Instants operates in the world of events and communication for several years (to know more about me, it is here!). Also at the head of the Wedding Aaha blog, we have a large address book. By calling Wedding Aaha, you have access to all our contacts and the guarantee of the quality of the service providers.

Enjoy a unique wedding, in your image. During a first meeting, we will define together your desires, your expectations and your specifications. You just have to trust us and validate our proposals. The Instants Factory advises you at every stage of your project. We tweak each detail together to make your wedding unique (decoration, animation, catering, stationery, ...).


How Much Do the Services of a Wedding Planner Cost?

YES, a wedding planner is an additional cost to provide in your wedding budget. But beware of conventional wisdom, this service is not exclusively reserved for big budget.

Our goal is to meet your wishes, your desires, while respecting your basic budget

Our rates start from 30000 Rupee for finding providers and 300000 Rupee for a global wedding organization.

So, if you have a project, whatever it is, big or small, do not hesitate to contact us. Send us an email via our form. We will send you a quote adapted to your request.

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