Why Your Teeth May Hurt When You Chew

There are many different approaches one can take, all you need is a reliable Winnipeg dentist to walk you through the process.

In our life, we will likely encounter a handful of painful experiences when it comes to our oral health. Though people often neglect their teeth, they undergo a lot of stress each day and over time. For example, we our teeth to chew and to articulate words properly along with the flexing and use of our jaws when speaking. For example, if you have experienced a sharp shooting pain in your molar or a blunt pain every time you chew, it’s important to know that these symptoms are indicative of an oral health issue, such as cracked tooth syndrome, which requires prompt attention from your Winnipeg dentist.

Understanding Cracked Tooth Syndrome

A dentist in Winnipeg can tell you about the condition in more detail as well as evaluate your affected tooth. When we speak of cracked tooth syndrome (CTS), it can involve the presence of microfractures that cause the pain you are experiencing. These microfractures cannot be seen by the naked eye. Hence, it is difficult to detect CTS without the use of 3-D x-rays and a full evaluation of your tooth from an experienced Winnipeg dentist.

The common underlying factor of CTS is bruxism. This is the act of clenching the jaw, grinding the teeth and gnashing it involuntarily. Those who suffer from this rarely knows they have it until a dental professional brings it to their attention. Some would choose to endure the pain with the hopes of it going away, but this only allows further damage to occur in the long run. 

The Hidden Danger of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

When CTS goes undetected for a long period of time, the possibility of developing cavities and infection is very high. This is a common problem associated with CTS, as cracked teeth allow the cavities to build inside the tooth rather than just on the surface. This can cause severe oral health issues within the person. This makes it very important to see a dentist in Winnipeg if you are experiencing these signs or symptoms. They have to determine the cause of those painful sensations within your mouth through an oral exam, x-rays and additional tests if needed.

How to Solve the Problem

Dentists are known for doing procedures such as dental cleanings, teeth whitening, the application of porcelain veneers and more. If you are suffering from cracked tooth syndrome, a visit to a Winnipeg dental clinic can not only detect this issue but resolve it sooner rather than later. A skilled dentist will conduct a few assessmentsto determine the condition of the affected tooth and whether or not it is indeed cracked. Once the tooth is confirmed to be cracked, the dentist will create a plan of action to address it. 

A common solution provided by most dentists is the process of covering the tooth with a dental crown. This is applicable for damages or cracks that have not yet reached a deeper level. For instance, where the tooth has gone too deep, your dentist may recommend a root canal. This procedure involves the removal of the damaged pulp or infected tissue to halt the pain and avoid further damage. 

Things to Keep in Mindin Order to Prevent CTS

By taking preventative measures, you are able to detect oral health issues that have appeared and treat them before further damage is done. Why let a problem become bigger when you can choose to solve it immediately? CTS can be caused by bruxism or tooth grinding, and a reliable preventative measure is wearing a night guard to bed to keep your teeth in good condition. 

A visit to a dentist in Winnipeg may be just what you need. Apart from the detection of oral health issues and maintaining good oral hygiene through dental cleanings, other methods of promoting good oral health can be utilized such as oral cancer screenings, the application of dental sealants on more vulnerable teeth and more.

If you have been feeling the type of pain mentioned in this article, now is the best time to set an appointment with a Winnipeg dental clinic near you. You never know how severe an issue can truly be until your dentist informs you about it. Do not wait for the pain to become worse and cause life disrupting consequences. There are many different approaches one can take, all you need is a reliable Winnipeg dentist to walk you through the process.




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