Samsung AC Cost In BD | Shop The Best AC In The Cheap Price

samsung ac price in bangladesh

Samsung AC Cost In BD | Shop The Best AC In The Cheap Price

Buy Samsung AC We supply cash on shipping, secure EMI facility on any electronic product. Samsung ac price in Bangladesh could change one showroom to another. But we can assure you to find the right price for every product of Brands like Hitachi, Samsung, Transtec, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Daikin, Midea you get one year of warranty on every air condition you buy from here.

Samsung Air Conditioners

Why Choose Transcom

People who Shop just more or less have experience of who bad or good the service it may be. Among tens of thousands of e-commerce sites in Bangladesh, locating one dependable place is fierce. We are not going to criticize anybody; we tell our story here.

Transcom is operating with its staff to make you're getting more real at various charges. We want to provide the help that a customer looks for, demand for, and deserve.

In here you Also, Transcom offers you EMI facility, cash on delivery with every product of it. Also, you receive 12 weeks of compressor guarantee with every new air conditioner price in Bangladesh, including Samsung.

About Samsung Brand

Samsung is a brand that produces various products on customer appliances like kitchen appliances.

• Refrigerators

• Laundry

• Home appliances

HVAC Machinery like,

• Residential air-conditioning

• Commercial air-conditioning

• Heating system

• Ventilation methods

The brand has created a joint venture with Kuka and Yaskawa Group in Robotics and Automation sectors. Samsung includes a straightforward motto"Creating Value for Clients" to enhance the lifestyle and life of every person is.

Since that time, it not only works in China but disperses the work slowly all over the world. Now it's 200+ subsidiaries, 60+ overseas branches, and 12 midsize business units.

Samsung focuses on constant technological innovation to enhance services and products, and also to make life more comfortable and pleasant.


It's the most the power of an air conditioner required to cool the room down. If your place is more limited than 140 sq., you should purchase a 1-ton ac if the location is higher than that you should go 1.5 or 2-ton AC. Picking the proper dimensions can enable you to conserve energy and better cooling system performances.

Energy Efficiency

There was a Time AC means enormous energy bills that will be alluring your brain! But time has been changed. Now producers are making different ac versions that use less energy to cool down the distance. Green Ac or 5-star power, Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), etc. is much better conserve the heat and spend less money on invoices.

Split vs. Window

Air Both is good to perform their job- cool the space. Window Ac is useful for conserving space; all of the machines- compressor, fan, etc. encounter a single case. Also, they are affordable but make sounder then divide one. Split as are suitable for noise-free speedy cooling operation. But it requires more space to set up compared to the initial one. Since this AC comes with two parts. Split ACs has more features and temp control, but expensive than just window ac.

Air Quality

The atmosphere Quality of an air conditioner is dependent upon its dehumidification; it reduces the humidity level of the space and increases the heating and relaxation spending less electricity. You will find these features far more useful during monsoon season when the humidity level rises a great deal more than other times of this air. Moreover, check the filter level of your ac and how often it requires washing. A feature filter should provide a high capability to grab dirt without disrupting the performance.

Product Maintenance & setup of the operation in an air purifier also is contingent upon its support. So, check out the ac attributes and maintenance processes to maintain it was working.

Also, have a Clear thought from the vendor about how to set up the ac mainly. The cooling capacity is mostly dependent on how well the ac was joined. Accordingly, hire an expert to do that part and also get an apparent thought form the mechanic and seller about the setup process.

Noise Levels & Cooling Rate

Excellent ac also, work quietly. So, have a look at the noise level of your ac. The audio should work between 19-16 decibels. Also, check how quickly the ac can cover or cool. A 2-ton AC uses only 5/6 mins to calm 180 sq.ft location. 1 or 1.5 ton will require more extra opportunity to make that.


You will get Lots of various models and sizes among Samsung Ac’s to select a perfect one for Your home, office, shop, or any place you need. Apart from then other so-called Top manufacturers of Ac, this one is nothing less. It is very much affordable and much more. Thus, anyone can invest and trust in that. Transcom Digital has brought you a broad range real of inverter ac only as you. If you are required to buy an Ac for this season, check the split ac here and click your chosen one for more questions. For any Question, interest writes to us, call or visit our showroom.


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