How Teachers Can Transform Easily into Academic Writers and Find Latest Jobs in Lahore

Latest Jobs in Lahore

How Teachers Can Transform Easily into Academic Writers and Find Latest Jobs in Lahore

The impact of COVID-19 is quite more significant on Pakistan’s job market than any other part of the world. Coronavirus started in China, but people from those countries resumed their jobs last month. However, the situation became adverse for Pakistani over the previous three months. 

Many people lost their jobs. Teachers cannot find a spot because online school and the educational trend is not quite acceptable in Pakistan. I have seen a significant shift in the latest jobs in Lahore and Karachi in the past three months. As every business was on lockdown, people started moving from the offline market to online territories. Many schools and university teachers began offering their services as a content writer and academic writer. If you are a teacher who doesn’t find a job and ready to adjust in this new job market scenario, you should know how to become an academic Writer in Pakistan during COVID-19 Scenario by following three steps.

Step No.1

Know How to Transform your Teaching Skills into Academic Writing Quickly

If you want to become a writer, then writing must be your first skill. The good thing about teaching Latest Jobs in Lahore Pakistan is that a person has to do his homework. Preparation of lecture, getting ready with the presentation and covering a proper syllabus. As you are already in the academic field, you have a firm grasp on many subjects. For example, if you are a math teacher, then many equations are on your fingertips. You teach kids how to solve formulas and complex theories.

If you get an academic assignment in Mathematics and Statistics, you have to use your skills and present them in a new way. Your job is to provide a detailed answer to every question. As you have good knowledge of subjects, you can easily research and clear some points. 

What about writing? You used to teach people how to do math by speaking clear and loud. You can use speech software that can convert your speech into words. That’s why you don’t have to type. However, what’s required is to do little editing at the end. 

For quick learning, read tutorials, and watch videos on Youtube. Spend a week on practice, and it won’t be hard to become an academic writer or a teacher.

Step No.2

Get Ready with a Portfolio

As you are tapping on the online world with your academic writing or content writing skills, you must have a “Portfolio.” It will show your client how much experience you have. What style of your writing, whether you can follow some format or not. 

In your Portfolio, you need to introduce yourself. Don’t forget to mention that you worked as a teacher, but don’t make your introduction all about it. Clients are interested in your writing skills, so try to give due importance to it.

When it comes to showcasing some samples, many people don’t know what examples to provide while applying for the Latest Jobs in Lahore for academic writers. Even when you didn’t work for anyone, don’t tell the client that you are my first client. Remember, it’s an online world, and you will have to show your talent to attract clients. 

So, what you can do is to write an academic paper on a particular subject. Try to provide at least three different samples.

The next thing is where to upload your Portfolio. I think is the best place to start as it’s free and easy to use. However, you can try Portfolio-based websites like as they focus only on Portfolio, and you can set and customize a good theme. 

Step No.3

Start Searching for Jobs and Apply with Best Cover Letter

As you are ready and have a good portfolio in hand, now you are ready to jumpstart your job search process. Two big sites where you can find some great latest jobs in Lahore and Karachi are Pk. and Both job websites allow you to create an account, upload your resume, and then start applying for a job. An important thing to note at this point is to be ready with a generic cover letter.

In a Cover letter for writing a job, you need to explain to your client why you are right-fit for this job. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph, mention your experience in second and then sell yourself in the third paragraph. Keep it strictly professional, concise, and exciting. 

You can join some Facebook content writing jobs and start applying for job ads publish there. However, it would be best if you remained careful. Many people that post on Facebook are out there for free samples that they can sell for money. So, try to check the profile of the person, whether it looks real or not. Don’t handover full content and assignment. Give some chunks and ask for money.


I know it’s quite hard for teachers to find some latest Lahore and Karachi jobs, so it’s good to make a career change. Adjust to the new digital world and make the most of your skills


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