New Samsung Split AC Cost And Reviews In Bangladesh

Samsung ac price in Bangladesh

New Samsung Split AC Cost And Reviews In Bangladesh

Samsung Split Air Conditioner Throughout the time of hot and humid summer, frequent question in the market is what is the best Air illness for me inside affordable price? There are lots of appliances manufacturing organizations are providing futuristic featuring air conditioner product within affordable price. According to the severe weather condition of Bangladesh, the Air conditioner has to have powerful features to support and make your place comfortable to reside.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner is a silver color split air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 21000 BTU. This cooling base product of the cooling system is capable of making your midsize room trendy enough to live. This attractive eye product of air conditioner will not just keep your room cool enough to live but also increase the beauty of your location.

Let us have a Look a few of the basic features of this product in a glance.


- Its prognosis is one of the plus points of this product. Now a day it's necessary to have a beautiful outlook along with futuristic features.

- 21000 BTU base air conditioner has the Capability to keep the living room fresh to live with relaxation.

- Natural functioning features to handle the Appliance of the cooling system. Each of the components isn't only durable but also easily removable. Thus you can easily clean the air conditioner with no trouble.

- Samsung ac price in Bangladesh is an available product within Affordable price and readily getable at your nearest appliances showrooms of Samsung.


- According to the user experience, they have found nothing serious to mention. Yes, the price of this product is in the higher site but compare to service and available features that this is a perfect one.

Outlook and Measurement

Samsung Split Indoor unite is decorated with futuristic features, and its sophisticated design allows to install this product comfortably at the space. At the top of the atmosphere, windows LED control panel has been given to control the setting in line with the requirement, together with necessary accessories that this product is perfectly prepared fresh your area during the hot summer.

Cooling features

This is a 21000 BTU or 1 Ton cooling capacity foundation product of atmosphere cooler with full area cover ability. The broader and more blade offers advanced airflow in the area allowing you to experience a more relaxed environment in a shorter time. The airflow covers 120 º angles for total comfort, and two blades separately flow air down to the floor at 90º. Eventually, the air circulates farther across the room using long-range airflow. You can also set sleep disposition to get perfect trendy distribution to sleep at the evening time.

Accessible features

Samsung is a Famous brand, and they continually work to provide superior features as well as options to utilize the cooler comfortably during summer. Some of the available features of the ac price in Bangladesh are provided below.

Air filter: This atmosphere filtering alternative will keep your space fresh and clean. The whole High-Density Filter accumulates up to 90 per cent of dust and allergy-causing bacteria. Cleaning of the filter is much simpler too - all you need to do is rinse the filth using water.

Self-cleaning Mood: it is clear to get dust from the filter or air window. Therefore need to get method to clean up the air conditioner automatically.

Sleep mood: You can set sleep disposition in your cooler. It will make sure regarding the perfect temperature and help save power by stopping condenser.

Oscillation System: Midea ac price in bd is a 3D product of air conditioner that can throw air to several measurements. So no matter where are you in your room you will find the feel of fresh air in through the summertime.

Restart Timing disposition: due to having smart technologies, you may easily set the operation function into the cooler. The air conditioner will automatically start its job after reaching there.

Automatic Function error once the problem: problem can be readily identified because of having smart function error discovering technologies. So no matter how significant is the problem, you will get the answer quickly.

Power-saving Mode: thermos detector receives the idea from the thermos about the room temperature and set the cooling function according to the necessity. Because of this, if room temperature stays to your set point, then condenser will remain shutting down and vice versa in the case of elevated temperatures.

Electric Feature

One of the major concerns of using the air conditioner is exciting features. Though air purifier would be considered a home appliance, it will consume abundant electricity energy than standard Appliance. Hitachi air conditioner price in Bangladesh is called power saving machine and consume just 2780 watts power. So at the end of the month, you may stay tension free about the power bill.

Price and Availability

This is an Accessible product with attractive features to utilize. You could have this product in your nearest Transcom Digital house appliances showrooms within a reasonable price.


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