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Beautiful Bracelets for Honoring your Dad

Are you a daddy’s girl or a boy who is exactly like your daddy? We know in, either way, you love him so much. Why not show some love to him for real? Exclusive personalized bracelet for dad is an ideal way to showcase your feelings for your best man in the world. These are available at the Mint & Lily’s online store in different metals- Silver, gold, and rose gold. All of the creations are well-crafted with the love and best of the craftsmanship. These all presents are great keepsakes, token of love that the recipient would embrace to eternity.


  • Dad, You walk beside me every day cuff bracelet- Do you miss your daddy and wish to feel him close to you? Well, get this keepsake as his remembrance close to your heart. Dad, You walk beside me every day cuff bracelet will keep telling you that the ones we love don’t go away and remain with us always instead. Such gestures are simply priceless and are aesthetically very appealing in our lives. It is available in silver, gold, and rose gold metal and color- You pick whatever is appealing to you. You really do not really worry about the maintenance of this bracelet as all you need is clean it with a soft cloth and it will remain pristine. So, when are you going to give yourself this precious gift?


  • Dad so amazing, God made him an angel bracelet- Is your friend living far from his father or recently lost him? In any case, you can play a role in making her feel better with a sweet gesture. Yes, a bracelet with a custom line to give her strength is all she needs at the moment. Tell her that your Dad so amazing, God made him an angel by handing over her this bracelet from Mint & Lily. This is how she can realize the importance of bonds that do not die even after the death of someone. Even though, she and her father are not connected physically that does not mean their connection is lost. She can honor his memory by having this gift with her and you can help her to relieve some pain she is dealing with. All the best for this great cause.


  • I was his Angel. Now, he’s mine cuff bracelet- This is a beautiful dad bracelet that will never make you feel away from your daddy. It is available in silver, rose gold, and 14k gold plating material that you can carry around while thinking of your father. Once you were the angel to your father and now as he is far away, now he would be sending all the angelic love from heaven. Now, it won’t be difficult for you to carry your dad’s memories with you wherever you are. You will also get a nice black box as packing to keep this beautiful remembrance gift for the ultimate safety when you will not wear it. For the day to day care of this bracelet, you need a soft cloth to just wipe it off. Yes, it is that easy to carry around memories and all the peace along. This bracelet is made from fully hypoallergenic and nickel-free material to make it convenient for you to wear daily.


So, if your father lives with you or not- you can always present him any of this nice bracelet. He can have it with him throughout and think of you every time after seeing it. So, order for your favorite personalized bracelet for your dad from Mint & Lily.

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