4 Creative Wedding Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

Wedding Proposal

4 Creative Wedding Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

Are you looking for proposal ideas? You may have come across thousands of proposal ideas that are identical to the same-old traditional ways of the proposal. Some ways in which you could make her feel special as well as make it a memorable day for both of you. Flowers are an element, which seems however overrated though, they never go out of the ongoing trend. To add an extra charm and to beautify your proposal you can order flowers from Flowers n Fruits, an online website specializing in making your events special with flowers, fruits, and chocolates.

  1. Destination proposal: Suppose you are on a holiday trip, or a weekend getaway to a nearby city, for example, Lucknow. With its rich history and background, you can take her to many places in Lucknow such as the Rumi Darwaza, the grand Victorian Husainabad Clock Tower, Bhool Bhulaiya, etc., to make the proposal look rich with an amazing backdrop of these landmarks in the city. Proposing by default does require flowers so for that you go to an online flower shop in Lucknow for the best ideas for your love. And for this "Flower n Fruits" is one of the ideal options in the city.  

  2. Creating a box full of memories: What better way to propose than to present to her all the memories and time spent together. Creating a special box containing all the items, belongings, pictures, letters and other things which both of you have shared in the past would mean the world to her. It involves a lot of time and effort to gather around all the memories and put it together. To make the box look beautiful and the inside of it even better you can add some flowers and chocolates to the equation which you may have had given to her in the past like a rose, to make it seem all the more special. 

  3. Trip to the nearest amusement park to add a rush of adrenaline: Being in an adventurous situation with your loved one can hype up your mood and makes for an amazing opportunity to propose to your loved one. Taking her to a merry-go-round or a rollercoaster of a nearby amusement park can add a dash of excitement to your proposal. While roaming around in the park, having cotton candies or just while on a ride you can propose her by presenting her with a bouquet of flowers. It is surely going to amaze her and make the moment special for both of you. You can get stunning bouquets and flowers online at Flowers n fruit.  

  4. Proposing at a concert: If there is a band out there, which both of you love or it could be that you are a musician yourself and you are a part of bands and band concerts then proposing your girlfriend at a concert can be a great idea. In both of the cases, you can opt for proposing her publicly by either proposing to her secretly when her favorite song of the band is going on or going up to her, bringing her on stage and proposing her with a ring in front of a large audience base. This could be one of the best moments of her life and would bring you both joy and happiness. 

We always love to share proposal ideas for couples. You should be excited. For more romantic proposal ideas, consider decorating with fresh flowers or setting up flower arrangements to arrive right after you've popped the question. Which one of the ideas above is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below and also add some ideas you think is a great way to propose!

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