A Step by Step Process from Job Search to Getting Jobs in Pakistan

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A Step by Step Process from Job Search to Getting Jobs in Pakistan

Once graduation is done, a job search lifecycle kicks in. You have a specific career goal in mind, and finding a jobs in pakistan that lets you meet that goal is a big challenge ahead. The job search process is featured with uncertainty, fear of failure, anxiety, and stress. It’s a lengthy process that ultimately demands an investment of time and energy. You will have to go through multiple steps from starting a job search to getting a job offer. However, if you don’t formulate a particular strategy for your job search process, you will lock yourself into a never-ending job-search-cycle that usually moves you in to your depression phase. So, it’s essential to follow a step-by-step approach that lets you find the best jobs in Pakistan.

Know Yourself

Before you begin with any job-hunting process, you must know about your strength, skills, and interest. Some people make a mistake. They apply for a job that doesn’t make them excited. Just because a Pakistani job vacancy has a big paycheck, doesn’t mean it’s a good one. The best job is one that matches your interests and skill level. Once you know your worth and skills, it becomes easy to identify jobs you should apply.

Setting Resume and Cover Letter

The very next step of your jobs in pakistan search process is to create a resume and cover letter. It’s good to have a general cover letter and resume. You can find a wide variety of resumes and cover letter templates. Use them and prepare all such documents. Your cover letter must have an engaging personal statement, and you must sell yourself through it. As far as your resume or CV is concerned, make sure you highlight all your skills, achievements, and accomplishments. The main idea here is to create a strong impression on your recruiter.

Have a Look at Your Online Presence

Employers don’t just look at a resume or cover letter these days, but they take one next step and start probing into your social circles and profiles. They will surely check your twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. So, while you are applying for the best job vacancies in Pakistan, don’t forget to fine-tune your online presence. Your social profile must depict a professional image. They shouldn’t fill with memes. Make sure you make changes and do all the editing before you send your resumes.

Tap on Online Job Portals

One of the essential steps in your job search process is to start checking all online job websites. It’s good to take a start from Pk.fratres.net or Rozee.pk. Both are great portals. Make an impressive profile there and then start applying for a job. One mistake you need to avoid is to apply for jobs in Pakistan with an empty profile. An HR recruiter won’t be interested in a candidate whose profile has no images or professional headshots. You can upload your resume and CV there. While you are applying for jobs, make sure you custom set every single cover letter and resume based on the Pakistani job ad description. When it comes to job portals, you shouldn’t focus only on two online websites, try to make the most from multiple sites. Take all chances during your job search process to get various job interview calls at the end. 

Do Networking

It would be best if you were hyperactive when you want to find a dream job. When you have a personal level connection at a professional level, then it’s when your chances of getting hired increase. It’s because an expert is ready to become your reference and endorse you. This endorsement and reference work like an easy pass for you in a corporate world. So, always focus on networking. 

Researching on Targeted Jobs

The desired job will only turn into a reality when a seeker researches the kinds of jobs available that match identified interests and skills. Then pursue it with tailor-made resumes and smart recommendations. 

Interview Preparation

Don’t go to an interview without any preparation. It would be best to have a clear idea about the company, its HR manager and other things. Also, you should prepare the best answers to interview questions. A recruiter never likes an unprepared candidate. Knowledge is power. So, gather all the knowledge. Practice a demo interview with your friends, and it’s how you can land on your favorite Pakistani job without doing much. 

Be Ready to Negotiate Job Offer

Once you complete all the steps successfully, then one important step left is salary negotiation. When you get an offer for the best jobs in Pakistan, you can accept or reject an offer based on salary. Try to understand the market’s rate through research. If you think that an offer is doable, then opt for it, leave it, and start your job search process again.

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