How Much Time Does a Disability Claim Take to Be Approved?

Disability Claim

How Much Time Does a Disability Claim Take to Be Approved?

Your disability payment will take some time, and in other cases, you might have to wait longer, than you have estimated. However, if you want to understand the process, you can take note of this article.

It's really hard to predict exactly how long it might take the Social Security Administration to decide for your disability case. In this case, just because there is no deadline the administration makes it mandatory to some crucial factors, such as:

  • Whether your case is pulled for a quality review
  • Whether your case can be expedited or not.
  • If you are at the initial application stage or have appealed
  • How quickly you or your doctors give the required medical records.

Other than this, you have to check the application process. Here is the matter covered to help you out.

The initial Application

This part takes Disability Determination Services, the state agency which makes the determination of the initial disability; it takes about three to four months to decide the final application, from the date of your application.


The reconsideration of your initial denial and its wait time is at least three to four months long. This will be counted from the day, you have made the request.

The level of hearing

The entire decision time for cases at the hearing level consists of the time from when a hearing is requested to the time the administrative law judge gives an opinion. The full decision times recently has changed to the range from eight months to 22 months.

Appeals to the council

If the department denies your claim, you already have the option to appeal the decision to the Appeals Council. If this department decides to review your claim, it might take up to an entire year to get the AC's decision. The time it takes for the SC to make a decision always depends on some factors, and they are,

  • The complexity of your case
  • The number of decision makers available
  • The caseload size
  • The amount of evidence you have present for your case

Appeal to the federal

If your case gets denied by the appeal council you can opt for the decision to go to the federal district court. It will take eight months for the decision to get from the federal court, and this will be from the date it was actually filed.

Reviews for quality assurance

You will get the notification if your case has been dragged for a quality assurance review. The reason for this to ensure that the employees of DDS, who are working for the state and not for the disability department, only they are making the decision.

The medical records

The applicants of disability often fail to provide necessary supportive evidence, when they are about to apply for this issue the first time. The submission of various evidence is very crucial because DDS makes use of medical records, to determine if you are really disabled or not. If you want to increase your chance of getting approved, it’s necessary for you to provide enough evidence about your condition. You need to include the files such as hospital records, lab results, your doctors’ reports, and pharmacy records.

So if you have the query, How long does it take Disability Attorney Utah to decide my claim? you need to check the above points.

There is a common belief that you have to be disabled for a certain period of time before you can opt for the Social Security Disability Attorney Las Vegas benefits. This is improper, and you must go for disability payment as soon as you see it.

You must apply for the disability as soon as you become physically disabled, because the process takes at least 5 months, and this is regarded as the mandatory waiting period from the social security department.

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