Top 5 Ways of Saving Money While Travelling

Top 5 Ways of Saving Money While Travelling

Planning for a vacation means spending money on tickets, hotel bookings, local transportation, food, and so on. Amidst all the planning and bookings, it becomes important for one to spend smartly and save wherever it is possible. While we are out, it is also important to keep a small amount of money for emergency situations. Before going out for a trip, one should set a budget in their mind for each kind of expense of the trip and try not spending more than that. Nowadays, travellers can choose to stay in zostels and apartments instead of living in high-grade hotels to reduce expenditure. Self-cooking can also be done by travellers to reduce expenses while travelling. Below are a few tricks to be followed in order to save some bucks while travelling:


  • Travel offseason


Travelling off-season can also be exciting if the company is good. The aero plane tickets are cheaper during the offseason and the five or four-star hotels are available at comparatively cheaper prices. Both the major expenses related to travelling can be done at an affordable price without putting a strain on the wallet. Except for the bookings, local transportation also gets easier because when it’s the on-season, the cab drivers and tourist guides charge a lot. There will be less crowd at the tourist locations and reaching out to places will not cost a lot. During the off-season, the public transport options will also be easily available – a cheaper option for local travel.


  • Avoid eating at over-rated food hubs


When it comes to food, we do not want to compromise with the taste and quality. Instead of eating at over-rated food hubs where the food is usually over-priced, one can eat from street vendors and experience how the local food tastes. Eating food from restaurants/cafes which are not located in the prime locations will not cost that much and the taste is bound to be almost the same at both places. Visiting a specific restaurant for their special dish is a different thing altogether. A lot of money can be saved if the food is eaten at a minimal price. Eating breakfast from the hotel and having a heavy lunch from restaurants can help in saving a lot of money.


  • Carry mid-meal snacks


Keeping chocolate bars in the bag for when you are trekking and running out of energy isn’t a bad idea at all. Packing diet namkeen and chips will also be of help when the food hubs are located at a distant location. Except for the food items, carrying water bottles is also important if one wants to save money. Water bottles are priced at a higher price and investing for the same again and again isn't economical.


  • Don’t invest in a high-end room


When we are out travelling, we just go to the hotel for sleeping. It is not a wise decision to spend a large number of bucks for a hotel where all the services will be paid and then a large amount of tax will be added to it. If the purpose is to save money while on an excursion, then living in apartments or guest houses is a great option. The rooms are clean at such places and a kitchen is provided for self-cooking. The investment at such places is minimal and wouldn’t cause a hole in the pocket. Except for investing in rooms, one can opt for spa services which will be very relaxing and will give a boost during the trip. One can choose for luxury travel and also save money at the same time.


  • Flexible air travel


Flights with long layovers are comparatively cheaper as compared to a direct flight. If possible, one should choose flights which are priced at a lower rate, even if the layover time is more. Not being picky with the seat will also help in saving some bucks. The tickets for the flight shall be booked 50-100 days before the departure so that the travelling tickets don’t cost too much.


Above were some of the strategies to be kept in mind for saving money from draining while on vacation or corporate travel. To plan the best vacation, it is advisable to take help from a travel concierge as he/she will be able to guide appropriately.


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