What is the best way to download videos from YouTube?

What is the best way to download videos from YouTube?

Every time you surf content on the internet, you may come across several media files. Be it audio, a video, a PDF (portable document format) or some other similar media file on the internet. Of course, to access something on the internet, you first need to have internet connection all the time around you apart from the device you are using. But it is not necessary that you will always be able to manage to get the same. So to cope up with the situation. It is obvious to feel the need for an arrangement where you can have access to these media files. To curb the case, there are possibly numerous ways to tackle the situation.


Usually, most of us are entirely aware of the know-how of how to download a particular media file into our devices. To complete the download process about the links that are present on the specific website. To select the correct data, you need to be careful while clicking on links as some hidden links are put on the website for advertisement purpose but are of no use and relevance for the purpose. This thing happens mostly in the case when you are trying to download an audio file. But what about the video file that you need or want to download into your device? When well you can easily download the records as they are available out there on various websites and can enjoy free and easy access to it.


But a significant problem that most of us face is of the perfect way to download videos from YouTube. Of course, you can make them available by merely tapping on the offline option, which is mentioned just below the video itself each time you open the specific video on YouTube. In most of the cases, videos are available to save offline that too free of cost. But in some videos, you will notice that no option will appear when you try to keep them offline on YouTube. This is because of the copyright issue that the original owner of the particular video of channel claims as the video belongs to their property and intellectual rights.


How to convert YouTube videos to MP4?


If you want to convert and download YouTube reduces videos MP4 to MP4 follow the steps given below-

•    Copy the YouTube link from YouTube or any browser available.

•    Paste the same URL in the input link

•    Click on the convert video button

•    In a few movements, you will be redirected to the video converter page

•    Once the converting is done, the download option will appear on the screen.


But the problem begins when you want to download a video which is available only on YouTube but not anywhere else, not even on any site. Now when it comes to downloading YouTube videos, it is an excellent option if you have a mobile data plan you can download them your device using the local Wi-Fi and watch them on the go. On a contrary note, it is easy to download YouTube video and other videos from the hosting sites. And you can do it free of cost as YouTube itself has made available some tools for downloading these videos whether it is on desktop or mobile. Also, there are numerous third-party tools that can serve the same purpose to download YouTube videos directly to your computer, mobile phone, laptop, or any other device. If you wish to convert YouTube video to MP4 format, you can easily have access to various portals and applications that serve the purpose. Now the next question that might be arising in your mind that if it is legal to download YouTube videos? When it comes to questioning the legality of downloading these videos. It is obvious to have a certain doubt on this issue. Using any third party application download the YouTube videos is absolutely against the terms of service of YouTube. According to this, you can only stream videos from their official servers only. To download YouTube videos, you may need to confront serious copyright infringement until or unless you have the legal permission from the copyright holder as it is in the public domain.

There are many online portals such as ytbconverter, fbtube and etc. that provide the service of downloading YouTube videos directly to your device. In any supportable format on your device so that you can watch them later even without any internet access.

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