Honey- An Excellent Ingredient For Relief Against Colds

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Honey- An Excellent Ingredient For Relief Against Colds

An excellent natural remedy which helps improve body conditions after cold is honey. The reason it is an effective remedy is because of the presence of numerous enzymes and nutrients that kill bacteria, fungi and viruses which cause colds. Throat irritations are also relieved by consuming it, making it an excellent  cough and cold medicine.

Colds happen every year

Year after year, during different months, several people catch colds. Although colds and coughs tend to make a person feel miserable, getting them every year helps to strengthen the body’s immune system. A cold is the result of a viral infection in the upper respiratory tract, which comprises of the nose and throat. Mild fever can accompany the cold at times.

In the initial onset of a cold, it is a good idea to consume honey, one of the ways to get it into the body being honey lemon tea. Antioxidant properties within honey help strengthen the body’s resistance to infections. Try the following honey-based recipes for relief from cold and cough symptoms:  

  1. Boiling with raw onions- Boiling honey with raw onions is a potent mixture which works well as a cough syrup
  2. Mix with grape juice- A mixture comprising of equal quantities of grape juice and honey reduce sputum or phlegm
  3. Cinnamon mixture- Grind fresh cinnamon and mix it with honey to prepare a mixture which can cure sinus congestion, a chronic cough or a cold. However, remember not to prepare this mixture for someone who is allergic to cinnamon. If you boil the above mixture, it can be used to prepare tea as well.
  4. Honey and cold water- In combination with cold water, honey helps prevent and cure several gastric problems like stomach ulcers, gastroenteritis, and gastritis. Honey is also know to stimulate stomach nerves to reduce ulcers. 
  5. Mix with ginger – The ginger root can be mixed with honey and boiled with hot water to prepare tea. The ginger honey tea will certainly help to open up sinuses.

Although honey is helpful in giving relief from cold, it does not act as a permanent cure. In case cold and cough symptoms persist for more than a week, you will need to show the doctor and take medicines.

Honey in the form of Granola Bars

Honey will be available to you if you buy honey oat granola bars from the market, online or offline. They act as high sources of carbs and are commonly eaten as breakfast cereals. Honey granola bars are toasted mixtures of nuts, rolled oats, and sweeteners such as honey, although they could have other grains, dried fruits, spices, and nut butters.   

Benefits of granola

  1. Granola has a lot of calories but it is also rich in fiber, proteins, and minerals such as selenium, copper, zinc, iron, and magnesium. However, there may be variations between different brands. Fibers help an individual stay fuller for long periods of time, thereby helping to control appetite.
  2. Flax seeds and oats also help to reduce blood pressure
  3. Oats contain beta glucan, which is a fiber that works in order to bring down total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a risk factor for heart diseases.
  4. Granola is able to enhance levels of healthy gut bacteria
  5. Various ingredients of honey granola bars such as chia seeds, Brazil nuts, and coconut are great sources of antioxidants such as quercetin and gallic acid

Honey is great for children

If you are a parent, it is advisable to give your child ½ teaspoon of honey prior to sleep. This helps to keep cough at bay during sleep, so that the child is not disturbed in the night. Do remember to never give honey to a child below the age of 1 year since it could contain botulism bacteria.  

Winter is ideal for consumption of honey

A vast number of people get affected by colds during winters. It is a time when honey is really needed by the body, to provide several antioxidants and important vitamins that are needed for wholesome nutrition. You will find a doctor generally advising people to stay away from junk foods during this period, as the body finds it difficult to fight bacteria which could be present in outside food during this time. Honey ensures that the body gets a steady stream of antioxidants.

All cities of the world experience seasonal changes many times a year, but there are some countries which have more changes than others. It can get difficult to adjust with these changes for many of the young children and the old. Honey granola bars are certainly great for the young, but you would need to speak to a doctor if you plan to give it to an old person. Honey is an excellent tonic that should ideally be consumed as soon as the slightest hints of cough are felt, irrespective of the age group.  




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