Air Pollution | Causes | Effects | air pollution Prevention measures


Air Pollution | Causes | Effects | air pollution Prevention measures

Air pollution

 Today, increasing air pollution is becoming a major problem in this world. World population is growing at a very fast pace. In addition to population growth, human needs and desires are also increasing. To meet the needs, many industry businesses have been planted and countless trees are being harvested. The effect of polluted air put only on human health. Humans are continually polluting the environment in some form to fulfill their needs, whether it is water pollution, noise pollution or air pollution.

He is not able to understand that how serious it is in the future. In many cities of the world such as Delhi, Tokyo, Beijing, Kolkata, the level of air pollution has increased so much that it has become too rare for humans to breathe in the air. In these cities, the cylinder of pure air is going to be taken in order to breathe. Man can survive for a while without food and water, but without a clean air he cannot survive for a moment. But he has made this air so dirty.

Although pollution is of many types, today we will mainly share information about air pollution. We will talk about what is air pollution, its causes, its measures to avoid it and what are the bad effects on human health. Air pollution is a mixture of gases present in the air, most of which contains 78% nitrogen gas, 21% oxygen, 0.03% carbon dioxide and 0.90% other elements. All these gases maintain balance in the air. Air becomes unbalanced when there is a slight difference in all these gases. Air pollution becomes due to the decrease of oxygen in the air and the increase of other elements.

Air pollution is due to excess of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases in the environment.

Causes of air pollution:

  • Natural causes
  • Human causes

Natural causes:

  • Smoke from the fires along with many types of toxic gases that occur in the forests, due to which air pollution occurs and this poisonous air takes over nearby villages and cities into its grip, thereby affecting human health.
  • Air pollution is caused by methane gas emitted from the substances reacting in swamps.
  • When volcanic eruption occurs, many poisonous gases are produced from it which polluted our environment. It is also a major natural cause of air pollution.
  • In the wild, wild animals leave the body of hunting animal, from which dangerous bacteria and viruses are produced, which causes air pollution.
  • When comets, meteorite enters the atmosphere of the Earth, due to the friction, burning in the atmosphere, the dust produced is also the main cause of air pollution.

Human reason:                                                                                                                                                 

Human beings play an important role in polluting the air. The following are as follows:

  • In the world, the population is constantly increasing at a rapid pace, the men takes oxygen in the form of breath, and along with carbon dioxide gas leaves the body out of the body. Due to increase of carbon dioxide in the environment air got polluted. Therefore, increasing population is also a major cause of air pollution.
  • Man has built many industry businesses and factories to meet their needs. Air pollution is also caused by smoke and waste gases emitting from them.
  • Even today, in the village people use wood and cow dung weeds in very large quantities, the smoke from which pollutes the air.
  • Along with population growth, there has also been a huge increase in the number of fuel-driven vehicles. Fuel burns these toxic gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the environment, which is the main cause of air pollution.
  • The farmer uses dangerous pesticides and medicines to increase the crop production in his farm. The smell of these insecticides and medicines also pollute the air and it also has a great effect on human health.
  • Dead animals are thrown into the open after removing their skin from their body, which leads to excessive unbearable odor, which is the main cause of air pollution.
  • Due to the garbage waste and no cleanliness of drains leads to cause of air pollution.

Effects of air pollution on humans:

  • Humans are cutting trees and forests to fulfill their own needs like housing, industries, increases carbon dioxide gas in the environment, which greatly affect our greenhouse and our glacier ice is melting continuously.
  • SO2 gas is produced due to the burning of coal. It is also called cracking gas. This gas affects the walls of Taj Mahal.
  • There are many respiratory diseases in humans due to air pollution. Diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, heart disease, headache, colds, cough, eye irritation and vomiting are occurring due to air pollution.
  • The impact of air pollution on the weather also happens, as there is ever a lot of rain on Earth, and sometimes there is no rain in some places, it becomes very dry.
  • Chloro-fluoro carbon is a gas which is produced from the fridge, air-conditioning devices. This is affecting the ozone layer of our earth. This layer prevents sun's ultraviolet rays coming from the Earth. If there is no ozone layer, human life is impossible on earth.

Air Pollution Prevention Measures

  • To prevent air pollution, plant more and more  trees to increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.
  • Driving private vehicles cause more air pollution. We should use more and more public vehicles. By which the level of air pollution can be reduced to a great extent.
  • Do not burn wastage of crops by any farmer in their fields, but rather combine and manage it, so that it can help prevent air pollution.
  • The chimney of the industries and factories should be high, so that the smoke coming from the factories cannot have any effect on human health.
  • To reach the shortest distance, cycles should be used, so that the air can be protected from pollution.
  • Garbage should not be burnt, but it should be managed. The environment of surrounding should be kept neat and clean.
  • Electricity equipment like fan, tube lights when needed should be run at that time. Electric vehicles should be promoted by the government. So that people will use these vehicles on the road.
  • The pollution level of the vehicles should be checked at regular intervals of time.

 Apart from this, people should make changes in his thinking and get information about the bad effects of air pollution and its preventions. Every person should contribute to reduce pollution and also the government should take big steps to reduce air pollution.

If we cannot control air pollution during the time, then its impact on our next generation will be much worse. We have to make efforts to prevent this happening so that we can make a neat and clean environment for our future generations. Then our world move forward on the way of progress.

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