Today’s Medicine is Redefining the Approach to Human Health Care

Today’s Medicine is Redefining the Approach to Human Health Care

Is life cheap or it worth every gem in this entire world? Who is to make this choice? Wealthy or poor (who are even deprived of the basic necessities). The idea of life is ‘living every breath to its fullest’ while most people who even achieve the greatest in their life could not achieve the bliss life has to offer.

Today’s Medicine is Redefining the Approach to Human Health Care
Today’s medicine is redefining the approach to human health care

Let us talk about generic drugs and pharmaceutical firm in India. The doctor is considered the most sacred profession in this entire world but what If that drug he/she prescribed can only treat well to do people? This isn’t a case now because we have a generic pharmaceutical firm in India. A generic drug is exactly the same but is available at an affordable price. The normal drug, which is tagged with a brand is exactly the same, the composition but is available at a much higher price. People tend to buy drugs which are expensive because they perceive higher the amount better the drug is, which is entirely a myth created by giants. Every life is important and hence every life deserves the choice of being fit and healthy.

Its 2019 and the Pharmaceutical firms like Unipex has developed a growing demand for generic drugs by its stringent standards provided by WHO. World Health Organisation which is considered as one of the organisations who has done a great deal in the health sector. WHO’s standards are very stringent hence firms like UNIPEX follow these standards for the utmost quality of the drugs.

Unipex Pharmaceutical firm has been in these segments for decades and has developed trust between common man and distributors. Increasing trust reliability, faith and satisfaction Unipex is developing in the healthcare segment. Unipex Pharmaceutical firm in India was found out of responsibility towards the healthcare segment. This medicine manufacturer in India has different drug segments addressing the various problem of the human body. Being one of the Best Pharmaceutical Firm in Delhi it has all it takes to cure a human body, Leading Pharmaceutical Companies in Delhi, Medicine Manufacturer in Delhi, a top pharmaceutical company in Delhi NCRpharma manufacturing company DelhiMedicine Company in Rohini Delhi, and generic medicine company in Delhi.

It has been years that Unipex has developed its base in India and has been growing to achieve one big dream of providing necessary drugs at an affordable price for a healthy India.  How important life is? We realise when it is in danger, let us protect life beforehand. Let us get ready for a future full of happiness and wherein medicines are available at affordable prices for a healthy body. 

Unipex leading International Pharmaceutical firm specializing in pharma industry.

We have come a long way since our inception way back in 1995 with the formation of UNI-PEX Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. The group has grown manifold since then. The management took a giant leap with the establishment of MAXTAR BIO-GENICS –a WHO/GMP unit at Baddi in the year 2007. Over the years we have carved a niche in Indian & International generic pharma industry with our strict WHO compliance.

At every stage of manufacturing viz. evaluation of all inputs to stability of finished products we strictly adhere to WHO guide lines so that only the highest quality medicines reach our consumers. The state of art automation, testing equipments and strict quality control meets the WHO/GMP requirements of safety, effectiveness & international quality parameters.

Pharmaceutical products require impeccable processing conditions and practices. At UNI-PEX’s Pharmaceuticals’ we have world class manufacturing facilities. We have two state of the art manufacturing units equipped with technically advanced manufacturing process equipments and world class testing laboratory.

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