Best Testimonials And Cost Of Hitachi Refrigerator In BD

Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh

Best Testimonials And Cost Of Hitachi Refrigerator In BD

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  • 02-Sep-2020
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Hitachi Top Mount - Refrigerator Ordinary tower silhouette double door type high mount fridge is Hitachi Top Mount - Refrigerator. The total storage capacity of the item is 226 liters. This is a graphically reach out looking model of the refrigerator in recent times. These days, appliances no longer remain only about making the food security for more time during warm and humid summer but also producing your place well designed too. This is a fantastic model of refrigerator model to have for a mid-size family.

Let us have a look at some of the essential features of this product at a glance.


- No doubt concerning the outside looking of the product. This will look after your room decoration too.

- Both compartments have been decorated with durable layers made from reliable and robust plastic. So it is simple to save your everyday food.

- Nanotechnology to make the food secure from bacteria in addition to gasket door for preserving beverage.

- Newest heating refrigerant R600a has been used to generate the storage more perfect. This is a harmless CFC and HCFC gas free model.

- Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh is a smart featuring model within Affordable prices.


- This is a hefty weight model to move easily from one spot to another quickly.

Design and Dimension

Hitachi Top Mount - Refrigerator is a doubleton red and of a white color model of the fridge with a maximum storage capacity of 226 liters. This tower shape version has high mount refrigerating has great enough room to maintain non-vegetarian food readily with proper vitamin and mineral. It has a lovely outlook gasket door with sufficient space to retain the bottled water safe along with appealing interior decoration. At the front of the doorway is nicely designed with attractive graphical design. This modern refrigerator can be placed solidly with the assistance of a strong base given at the bottom of the structure.

Storage capacity

Storage this is a good enough storage capacity to get a mid-size family to keep his food secure for a longer time with the appropriate condition. Unlike ordinary fridge, this product has used a new R600a refrigerant. This can be an Eco-friendly CFC and HCF gasoline complimentary model. So along with taking care of your food, this product will even look after the environment.

Accessible Features

This is Modern day's version of the fridge adorned with intelligent features. Some of the accessible features of Fridge price in Bangladesh are given below.

Scratch Proof Tempered Glass Door: This is a smart appliance with a durable version of the door. Most importantly, this is a scratch-proof doorway with a glossy graphic outdoor. This doorway has the power to maintain the cold air within the cavity properly and make sure about your food safety.

Nano Technology: this method work as an anti-bacterial characteristic of the fridge compartment. This feature makes sure regarding food safety. It's prevented from being rotten in addition to keeps the food fresh for a long time with actual odor and vitamin.

Door lock: it is a frequent practice of modern-day refrigerator. You're able to keep the food safe in your absence.

Climate Types: this can be an essential problem in terms of refrigerator selection. According to the Bangladeshi weather, N class fridge version is necessary.

Electric Attributes: Because of having no inverter technologies, you may need to pay a handsome amount as an electricity bill. Otherwise, you can quickly run this product with a regular voltage of 220V to 230V, together with a 50 Hz frequency.

Long LED Belt: Led light will provide you bright interior lamp of the pit. It has a control panel inside the compartment so you can correct the temperature readily.

Multi Air Flow system: This extra feature has made the refrigerator more potent than previously. It may provide air accurately on both sides. Therefore you can store your food for a long time in your fridge.

Electric Features

It's Home cooperation; therefore, you do not require any high voltage electricity supply line. It is sufficient to conduct Deep freezer price in Bangladesh with the standard energy voltage of 220V to 240V with a regular frequency of 50Hz, and it only consumes 650 watts electricity at the time of use.

Cost and Availability

Hitachi is a Famous brand, and they have several showrooms throughout Bangladesh. Instead of that, you could quickly find some of Transcom Digital traders in the closest house and kitchen appliances market. Hitachi is Very much famous for its fair price. In the case of Hitachi Top Mount - Refrigerator is no different.

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