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A Journey to Remember - Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Sun, Sea and Sand - the perfect antidote to stress. These elements of nature dominate the aura of Goa. And this perhaps is one of the primary reasons for city dwellers in India to flock to this tiny Indian state. The beaches of Goa are the best getaway from the hectic daily lives of the city. Not to mention, the lip-smacking Goan cuisine, free-flowing booze and care-free and friendly attitude of the locals. Goa is the ultimate choice of Mumbai locals to escape for some laid-back relaxation, especially when city life becomes overwhelming. Due to its close proximity to Mumbai, numerous visitors love going on a long drive to reach Goa, while others opt for a train or flight transportation. However, a unique journey waits for those who decide to travel the passage between Mumbai to Goa on waterways. The Mumbai to Goa cruises lets you begin your blissful vacation right from the time you step onboard the ship.

Reasons to choose Mumbai to Goa cruise

-           Firstly, it is a unique way of transportation and one-of-a-kind experience that you can seldom experience elsewhere in India.

-          Secondly, you get to witness the tranquility of the vast Arabian Sea and the beauty of Konkan coastal shores. These 14-hr cruises embark in the evenings, hence lets you enjoy the gorgeous sunset and a beautiful sunrise in the morning. There is nothing as invigorating to the soul than serene natural vistas and sea breeze.

-          Unlike train rides, your comfort is a priority onboard the cruise. You are in capable hands of well-trained staff that takes care of all your needs and comfort. Also, the night comes alive with good food and great music.

-          And of course, cruising suits all age types. It is a great way to explore the sea and surroundings while having some bonding time among your significant other, family and friends. Hey, you can also mingle around and make some new friends onboard!

A little bit more about Mumbai-Goa Cruises…

Right now, there are a couple of cruise lines operating on the Mumbai-Goa sea route. Among them, Jalesh cruises are quite popular for their exemplary fleets and world-class hospitality. However, for those looking for an ultimate luxury experience should checkout  Angriya cruise  - an extravagant, luxury cruise that offers the ultimate leisure stay and a plethora of entertainment and activities onboard to keep you occupied. These cruises turn a 14-hour long journey into some of the cherished moments of your life.

What to expect onboard the cruise:

-          Accommodation - There is a room for everyone and all type of guests. The cruises are equipped with sleek, spacious and comfy rooms that offer all regular facilities. A great way to enjoy a restful sleep on the lulling sea and wake up to gorgeous vistas of morning sun shimmering on the water.

-          Leisure facilities and entertainment- Cruises are designed keeping in mind the comfort and need of every guest. All basic safety facilities are properly maintained onboard the cruises.  They also come with a myriad of recreational leisure facilities. As the sunsets on the horizon, the ambiance on the deck turns lively and the evening comes alive with live music concerts and entertainment. Angriya cruise even has bars, infinity pool and a spa for guests to relax and chill. Jalesh on the other hand have loads of electrifying performances, shows, movie screenings and a DJ concert onboard the cruise. The staff is friendly caring and serves with opulent hospitality.

-          The food scene - The epicurean experience onboard the cruise fuses the cultural tastes of India along with international flavours. Choose from an assortment of restaurants and bars that offer casual meals, scrumptious breakfast and elegant gourmet fine dining experiences. This highly tantalizing culinary experience will be one of the most outstanding moments of your sojourn.

Before you embark…

-          Book your tickets in advance. Plan out the perfect itinerary to enjoy your time in Goa and accordingly book your Mumbai to Goa Cruise Online Tickets.

-          Make sure to carry your prescribed medications, sunglasses, mobile charger, binoculars, a change of clothes, swimwear and toiletries with you in a separate cabin bag as your luggage will be checked in. You will not get access to your checked-in luggage during the journey.

-          Also, keep all necessary apps loaded on your phone that may come handy like a compass, maps and flashlight to name a few.

-          Though the cruises take all necessary precautions and safety procedures for smooth sailing, guests should also ensure that they take care of their belongings and follow all rules and safety guidelines onboard.

A cruise voyage from Mumbai to Goa gives an off-beat experience and a unique point of view, which makes it more fun and memorable. So take a step beyond ordinary and for your next Mumbai to Goa journey, gear up for a cruise adventure.

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