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Are you the one who has taken a break from 9 to 5 job because you could not commute to work or a stay-at-home parent or have other constraints that prevent you from going outside the home for work? If yes, then read this article till the end to find out the scope of Online Jobs In India.

In India, the unemployment rate is increasing with every passing year. Professional graduates fail to have a decent career job. Although your degree defines your career-line, you can make a livelihood doing online jobs that not related to your degree. The scope of online jobs in India is accelerating exponentially.   

If you don’t have a job, you can create one for yourself to become a freelancer. You can be your boss. You can start making money in these jobs from the first day with little or no investment. You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on your experience and skill level. 

Now the question comes how much you can earn through online jobs in India? This depends on you how much hard work you put in. Suppose you are a novice and have expertise in your respective job. It will take some time to make your mark. But you can make your end meet by doing online jobs in India. 

These days you get a job either based on your qualification or on the bases of your skill. The jobs I will discuss with you today are online jobs in India that you can do remotely. Read this article and then look for the skills inside you and find out which job suits you best.  

  • Virtual Assistant

The role of a Virtual Assistant is to schedule meetings, creating a business document like making presentations on MS PowerPoint, recording company’s data on MS Excel, managing blog websites, etc. If you have good communication skills, this job is for you.

  • Translator

This job does not require a professional degree. If you are proficient in English and command over any Indian regional languages, then many doors of opportunity are open for you.

Plenty of international businesses and scholars want their work to be published in your regional language, or your local writers or authors want their work to be published in English. 

  • Travel Agent

Every year hundreds of thousands of foreigners visit India annually. These foreigners know what sight is worthy of visiting, which hotel to stay in, which mode of transportation is useful, or book tickets. This is where the need for a travel agent comes in. A travel agent book flights and hotels for his clients. They have different travel packages at different rates. Indeed, they do all this on a commission.      

  • Freelance Writer

Writing is an inborn talent. Not everyone can be a good writer. No matter how good is your English. The demand for freelance content writers has increased than ever before. With the release of Google’s new Panda and Penguin updates, the quality of good web content has become very important. Only a well-researched and well-written article can generate traffic to the site. If you have the potential to write an engaging and interesting article. Then check this option out.

  • Social Media Manager

More than a decade ago, all small or medium-sized businesses used to have websites for their business. Whether or not they have a business website but have business accounts on any social media. Companies hire social media managers to manage their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, etc. On YouTube, you will find tutorials on social media management.   

  • Data Entry

Data entry is soon to be replaced by automation. But there are still some organizations that work the conventional way. All you need is a good computer, fast internet connection, and know how to use MS Excel and Google Spreadsheet and type very fast.  

  • Online tutoring

So many students out there who take online classes. If you have any expertise in any academic subjects or any skill like cooking or drawing and painting? Then you can teach your subject or skill through online tutoring, register yourself on any online tutoring agency, or you can upload your course on any of the online learning platforms such as Udemy, respectively.   

  • Youtuber

YouTube needs no introduction. Everyone is familiar with this social networking site. If you think your daily routine is enjoyable to make a vlog on it. If you love traveling inside India, start travel vlogging. If you have good taste in food, make a food vlog. YouTubers are also content creators. People crave to see good content videos on YouTube. If you think you have the talent, don’t let it go waste.      

If the idea of online jobs in India failed to impress you, then visit Fratres pk. There you will find many blog posts helping you in finding jobs that are related to your field. Remember, there is no short cut in life.

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