Direct Selling

Organization And Structure Of Direct Selling

Direct selling is a distinct business model that operates with a certain hierarchical system and an organization. It is one of the most cost effective and result delivering business models operating in a competitive market.

Organisational Structure Of A Direct Selling Company

Businesses strive to excel among their competitors as it walks them nearer to the basic goals and objectives. Exploring the most suitable business model considering the size, nature and market helps a business operate efficiently. Sales coaching and sales experts reformulate and flourish the marketing and selling patterns of business organizations.  

Businesses are subsequently able to use a model as their marketing and promotional tactic. Every organisation in this world operates in a structure and managerial system. This structure originates connections and relationships between individuals and teams belonging to an organization. It also reflects upon the position of direct sellers associated with the company. Businesses identify this marketing model as the Marketing Organization.


Defining A Marketing Organization

Marketing organization is the way of assigning identity to direct sellers and marketers to assist them identify their positions. Marketing organization is commonly identified as Tree Structure and Network Structure. The direct selling business does not follow a proportional organisational structure as usual companies.  

The business consistently expands till the direct sellers keep introducing prospects into the business. A direct seller or marketer enrolled earlier into the business stands upward in the hierarchy. 

The Need For A Marketing Organization

  • Keeps record of performance
  • Develops discipline and mannerism 
  • Results in a higher customer base
  • Establishes local and international competitiveness 
  • Closely knit professional connections 
  • Economies of Scale
  • Sales Revenue Maximization 
  • Higher Profit Margin
  • International Customer Base
  • Increasing Market Share


A market organization supports businesses in an extensive process of growth and expansion. Each direct seller works creatively and distinctly in order to reach the maximum number of sales for the business. Direct recruiting organizations allow bonus points and commissions to the highly result delivering representatives. 

Marketing organizations also portray a hierarchical position of the direct sellers. Direct marketers and sellers contribute towards the commercial development of businesses. Organization keeps the processor of resource investment on the track. This leads to the maximum attainment of business efficiencies.


Structural Design Of A Direct Marketing Organization

The structural design of a direct marketing organization consists of two fundamental divisions.

Single Level Marketing

This organisational design instructs the direct sellers to buy the products and directly sell them to the customers. It adds reliability and validity to the sales process. Brand representatives and sales team are able to establish personal and professional contacts. There exists an absence of secondary channels into the marketing and sales process.

Single level assists businesses with an increasing market share. Sampling, demonstration and product presentation enhance the value and quality of sales revenue maximization. It is also a cost effective and affordable marketing model for a majority of business organizations. Businesses operating at a smaller scale massively advantage from smaller scale selling techniques.


Multi Level Marketing

Multi level marketing involves the direct sellers selling products directly to customers alongside sponsoring other organizations for the similar cause. It helps an organization multiply the diversity and creativity in its operations. 

Different salespersons and marketers get involved into the selling process of a company. It subsequently results in a local and international customer base. A business avials brand recognition and brand awareness through a multi level marketing model.

It ensures the implementation of sales coaching techniques and methodologies into the eling process. Businesses operating at a relatively larger scale afford to execute this form of business model. A business increases its popularity and fame among consumers and prospects via the larger amount of selling individuals. It contributes towards brand advocacy and customer loyalty in the longer run.


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