How long does it take to learn Javascript

how long does it take to learn Javascript

How long does it take to learn Javascript

Most of the students ask how long does it take to learn Javascript?

They also ask that can I learn Javascript within a week?

An introduction to Javascript:

In my opinion, javascript is very easier than other programming languages. So you can easily learn Javascript within 1 week.

Today we will discuss how long does it take to learn javascript?

I shall share with you some strategies to learn Java script fast and easily.

Java script is a very popular programming language that will help to build web pages.

To add more functions to your web pages, you have to learn javascript. With javascript, you can add 2D, 3D animation, scrolling news, videos, and more things. You can also make an SEO tool website where you can earn money through AdSense, affiliate marketing.

How long does it take to learn javascript:
Javascript is a programming language that will help you to build pages and add functions. Java script is easier than the other programming languages. You can learn Java script very easily within 5-6 months.

Where I can learn Javascript

You can learn Java script through courses on the internet. Some of the courses are free and some are paid. You can also learn Javascript from youtube.

Benefits of Learning Javascript:


How long does it take to learn Javascript to get a job?

If you want to learn javascript to get a job, you have to learn Javascript minutely. It means, it can take up to 3 months to learn Javascript to get a job.

It is hard to learn javascript?

In my opinion, Javascript is not so much hard.

Can I learn Java script in a day?

Though I have told you, javascript is easier than other programming languages, but you can not learn Java script in one day.

How long does it take to learn Javascript?

According to top programmers, it can take upto 5-6 months to learn javascript

Final Thoughts:

I am also a student now. So I can easily tell you that javascript is easier than other programming languages like phyton. Try to practice your all lessons to learn javascript quickly.

How do I learn JavaScript?

There are many resources available that can help you learn basic JavaScript. It’s important to note, though, that you have to learn HTML and CSS in order to understand some of the concepts of basic JavaScript.

For starters, there are many books, both print and digital, that are awesome reference resources for learning and reviewing JavaScript. There are many excellent books on JavaScript. Some books like Eloquent JavaScript and the You Don’t Know JS series are available for free on some websites.

Once you’re prepared to put some of your chops to work, there are plenty of applications and sites where you can practice coding. Grasshopper, SoloLearn, Mimo, and Codecademy all provide awesome JavaScript tutorials and exercises to prepare you for the programming world with the basics. In addition, a lot of these applications and sites make learning fun, helping you easily retain the information.

When you feel that you are ready to take a step further, move towards sites such as freeCodeCamp, The Odin Project, Team Treehouse, and Coursera to get full self-paced courses. These will give you a better conceptual understanding of JavaScript and will help you through practices with the language as well. These sites often contain projects associated with the lessons. Once you become acquainted with these, you can take it a step further by building your own projects.

Finally, if you really want to gain the full-fledged experience and to open perhaps more doors to becoming a software engineer, another avenue for learning practical JS is coding bootcamps like Flatiron School, Lambda School, and App Academy. These bootcamps offer prep courses that not only provide instruction on basic concepts of JavaScript, but they also introduce you to the curricula of the bootcamps. If these suit your learning style, you can apply to accelerated programs at their respective coding schools. These schools will help you develop your skills and pursue a career in web development or software engineering.



As we mentioned, many experienced programmers with years of experience in coding with several languages still continue to learn new JavaScript concepts.

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