Top reasons to hire a professional tax accountant to do your taxes

tax accountant in Denver

Top reasons to hire a professional tax accountant to do your taxes

Filing tax returns are quite a hassle and require a trail of tedious paperwork. There are different types of tax returns filing and based on the type you may or may not require the services of a professional tax accountant in Denver. For example, if you are filing a tax return for your quarterly saving then it is quite a straightforward process and you can handle it all by yourself but filing returns for complex situations might have you looking for a professional to help you with your taxes. After all, failing to file these tax returns properly might land you up in front of a judge where you may be penalized. Also hiring a professional tax accountant in Denver will help you to save time and the process will become fairly easier and less stressful for you. 

Apart from these reasons here are the scenarios that are worth to avail the services of a tax accountant in Denver:


If you are a business owner then you are no stranger to the tax implications that accompany. There are several tax write-offs that need to be submitted on time or else you might have to pay fines. If you have hired staff in your small business then the tax implications further increase. 

Also if you are involved in any kind of side hustle, for example, driving an Uber, selling products on eBay, or in dropshipping business, then all these businesses have an impact in your overall personal income and thus you would need the help of a tax accountant to properly file your taxes. 

You got a call from IRS

If the IRS contacts you to substantiate your expenses and you fail to provide relevant information then this might also cause a problem for you. The IRS may reach out to you for something as simple as the expenses pertaining to the car you recently bought. This might look like a very simple matter but it is always good to have a professional by your side to handle such situations. As the IRS closely monitors fraudulent activities such as tax theft and money laundering, you would not want to give a wrong signal to them. The tax accountant will help you with that. The professional would help you to provide the exact information the IRS wants to know.

Your kids are going to college

If you are a proud parent of a kid who would be very soon joining a college then the central plan, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be very helpful for you. In such cases, make sure that there are not any unnecessary financial assets or liabilities in your child’s name. These income assets may pose a problem for your child in obtaining federal financial aid. 

On the other hand, if your child is a beneficiary of a 529 plan or a Coverdell ESA then they become a part-time owner of your business. This helps in the tax implications and has several other benefits too. 

You are the owner of a rental property

Rental properties are a great way to generate extra income. However, an investment in the rental properties or real estate might be quite tricky for you. Owning a rental property comes with many tax deductions and a professional would help you to figure out what kind of tax deductions you are entitled to. 

If you are a first time owner of a rental property then you must get in touch with a tax accountant.

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