Cyprus IVR Software

Cyprus IVR Software

Bol7 could be a company that provides satisfactory Interactive Voice Response system service which is easy and cheap decision management technique for corporations. A fee number and voice decision recording facility additionally provided by the corporate to their client. Interactive Voice Response Systems in Cyprus could be a technology wont to handle variety of the client at a time through calls.
IVR comes with following features:
  • Call flow are often dynamic & will fetch knowledge from consumer data base or CRM/ERP 
  • Can be used for banking, insurance, automotive vehicle criticism booking, machine-driven facilitate line etc. applications
  • Can connect decision to agent on native extensions or on mobile as per consumer demand
  • Can style your own decision flow
  • Easy to customise
  • Embedded answer
  • Keep your own knowledge base secured in your premises
IVR is one among the foremost wide used functionalities for a business that deals with a wave of client calls on any given day. And if you're already employing a center code to handle your customers, creating the foremost of your IVR Software in Cyprus can up your businesses game and prevent a great deal of cash and productive time.

IVR, IVR service provider could be a nice help tool {for clients|for patrons|for purchasers} to resolve their queries by their own thus increasing the customer service and business productivity.
  • Automated Interaction
  • Every client to the proper Destination
  • Call Volume Rise
  • Saving the Time of consumers
  • Branding price
  • Easy manner of association
Bol7 company, that runs the business of communication system services that helps the client to grasp concerning the ability and build a decent whole image before of their customers. the company provides the IVR system services in Cyprus that helps to customise users through voice calls and pre-recorded messages on it.
Features of an IVR :

-> Virtual secretary : IVR acts an virtual receptionist or e-receptionist, and works 24*7. 

-> Automated decision routing : IVR routes calls to the proper department with none human intervention.

-> 24*7 availableness : IVR lets agent stay available around the clock for his or her customers. they will connect with their customers even after workplace hours. Callers may drop them a voicemail.

-> Customized speech : Callers career from totally different regions will communicate with the IVR in their native languages.

-> Time-based routing : All the calls once office-hours will be forwarded to voicemail or to the assigned agents.

-> Location-based routing : Agents will hook up with their customers supported the customers location.

-> Sticky agent : Callers will directly hook up with the agent if they need spoken to them earlier or the agent is assigned to them.

The users will access the data from anyplace at anytime just by following on-line directions.IVR is employed for several functions such as- phone surveys & polls, workplace decision routing, Check checking account balance & transactions, centre forwarding, checking picture show & venue schedule, order standing, appointment reminders etc.

Bol7 may be a leading cloud telephone service supplier in Asian country. they supply a sensible hosted  IVR Software (virtual receptionist) to avoid wasting your cash, resource, and time.Their easy platform provides some advanced and superb edges to spice up your business and build a  good reputation among your customers.

Here are some edges of a IVR (Virtual Receptionist):
  • Cloud platform permits you to control your account from anyplace, anytime.
  • Forward your calls from variety to the other number.
  • Generate new leads and build a whole image.
  • A customise welcome message to greet your customers and provides them an excellent expertise.
  • You’ll ne'er miss one decision (because each call is vital for your business).
  • Transfer the customer’s decision to a relevant department.
  • You can opt for your own existing variety for IVR.


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