All You Need to Know about Summer Moving

To get an extensive guideline on summer relocations, please read this blog now. Here, you will find some useful information regarding the move in and around the state.

Summer moves are extremely popular in Chicago because of the beautiful weather. But yes, it is indeed the busiest time and hence, leaves you with a few disadvantages.

If you are moving in summer (or during any other time), make sure you opt for a reputed and good Aurora moving company. You should make sure that you do your due diligence so that you don’t have to settle for a bad company. The movers should be skilled and experienced and should be open to customization. They should first listen to your requirements and then only provide a quote. Professional Movers Chicago would ensure that the move is a smooth and seamless one.

However, since you are moving during the sunny months, here are a few things which you need to know. Please take a look.

The first thing which you should know is that the rates would be higher. Don’t expect to get discounts or rebates as this is the time when their demand is huge. They simply won’t reduce their rates. Also, they might be in a rush as they have plenty of clients to cater to. Summer moves are expensive and you might also not get that personal touch since they are too busy. So if you can postpone the move, consider it. Families with kids and college students move a lot during this time. The weather is fine and one doesn’t have to worry about the harsh snow, clean roads, etc.

Secondly, expect to sweat and thus, you should carry water for yourself, your family members as well as your movers. Keep water in your old as well as new houses so that you can offer the same to the movers. You have to understand that packing and loading is a laborious job and they will get thirsty. Offering refreshments is also something I would highly suggest.

Now, this is again a very important point – start your move early in the day. Why? Because movers have at least three to four moves to complete in a single day during the sunny months. If they come to your house at the start of the day, they would be in a good mood (might even offer extra services) and would be energetic. The humidity level is also lower early in the morning. They won’t be exhausted. You would also be able to beat the traffic if you start early. Try to start the move by 7 the morning.

Since you are moving during this time, make sure you don’t wear heavy fabrics. Wear breathable clothes and good shoes. Your moving day is not a Friday night out! If you wear inappropriate clothing such as heavy fabrics and high heels, then you will surely regret.

If you reach before your movers, make sure you turn the AC on. You must cooldown your rooms from beforehand so that the unpacking can be done in peace.

It would also be better if you don’t move during a holiday weekend as the Professional movers in Chicago can charge a fortune.

Electronics tend to get overheated during this time. So the movers need to be extremely careful while packing and shipping them. Ask them to place the electronics in the truck at the last moment (after they are done with all other chores).

If you have a kid or a pet, make sure they are hydrated. Carrying a portable fan is another cool idea!

If you are carrying the perishable food items, then make sure you put them in coolers. However, I would suggest you use them up before the moving day.

I hope now you are ready to move during the summer. To know more about Moving Chicago, read my other rb_blog.

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