My first Marble it Up video!

My first Marble it Up video!

On November 26, 2018, I uploaded my first Marble it Up video "Marble it Up Levels 1".

There are 15 individual levels with wall hits, edge hits, diagonal movements, and even more tricks! 

Learning To Roll: Start pad trick improves times. I kept getting 5.59 4 times before this. 

Learning to Jump: Scenery corner hit boosts time. It is not even hard to do.  

Precious Gems: Hitting the sloped edge after the third gem can boost and your time. 

Stay Frosty: Matan's path from his sneak peek video. 

Onward and Upward: That would have been a sub 9 by hitting the sloped edge faster. 

Transit: The platform skip is not even hard to do. You need to do diagonal movement.

Archipelago: First, I got 9.27 with the skip, then I got this! 

Triple Divide: It takes me 2 hours for double edge-hit. 

Thread The Needle: Matan's path with Nockess' edge hit super speed tweak done carefully due to spinning X platform shape. 

Elevator Action: I won't go for sub 20 because this path is hard. 

Icy Ascent: I can't find a path for 7 seconds. Instead, I found one for 8 seconds. 

Cog Valley: The gear edge hit is not even hard to do. 

Epoch: My path for Diamond time. Edge hits are optional. 

Acrophobia: This run has done carefully because this level introduces Marble It Up's tightropes. 

The Pit of Despair: This run is so hard to do. I did the block hit path carefully, since I am a beginner in this level. 

I would like to thank IsraeliRD, CobaltShock, Skullfire58, DKman00, and former Marble Blast Ultra players like CMurder, Woody, Jroni, and Death Pony for paths and jumping patterns! 

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