Top 10 Best Battery Stealth Mounts

Makita Battery Stealth Mounts

Top 10 Best Battery Stealth Mounts

With over a million units old worldwide up till now, battery stealth mounts continues to prevail in the market. This battery mounting solution has made it easier to keep batteries organized. Click in your batteries anywhere, from your walls in workshop to panels inside your van, you can set your batteries at any angle. Makita Battery Stealth Mounts were first to hit the market and since then, they’ve been designed and updated to make you work efficiently.

Notable Features:

  • Storing your battery easily, they provide easy access to energy indicator.
  • It becomes rather easy to keep a track on your batteries when they are mounted. Also, it enables you to view battery percentage.
  • Made of ABS plastic, stealth battery mounts are highly durable and carry enough strength to handle heavy weights.
  • Releasing the battery out is as easy as clicking it in.
  • When locked, there are almost zero chances of battery falling out. It gives you the flexibility of mounting batteries at any angle, even upside down.

Both online and local stores offer you stealth battery mounts. Though internet gives you the access to a larger pool, it becomes rather tough to select the right one. Narrowing it down, here are the names that top the list when it comes to choosing finest quality:

  • Hakeeta stealth mounts with countersunk screw holes are second in the list. Easy installation and quality after sale services assure you about your investment in this. Its light weight and flexibility allows it to hold your battery at any angle.
  • Manufactured by StealthMounts, these battery holders are compatible with Makit 18V battery. Its different colors allow the user to differentiate between batteries such as dead and charged. Providing complete security from dust, they make sure your battery is in a safe place.
  • Ciglow battery stealth mounts are perfect equipment for your workshops or truck panels. They offer easy access to power indicators and are globally loved by professionals.
  • With a uniquely printed 3D design to assist customers in making their decision, Barnyard Intelligence Games are gradually climbing up in the market. Using zip ties to add a variety of storage options, they prove to be a good choice for Makita Battery Stealth Mount.
  • Depicted by its ratings online, battery mounts by Icefire are perfect to store and transport batteries. No time gets wasted in either clipping the batteries or out. Pressing the release easily lets go of the battery mounted.
  • Hitting the market with its stealth battery mounts, the company Waitley ensures your batteries get easily stored and remain in a good condition throughout.
  • Coming with two mounting holes, Diyeeni makes its battery mounts very easy to install. They are extremely light and portable and can be fixed at any place where you can screw it in.
  •  Offering two colors, MadebyMitchell has come forward to provide solutions for mounting Makita Battery BL18. Latching down and up is all that’s needed to secure its terminals.
  • Available online, battery holders by Tenmoer are gaining attention worldwide.
  • Last but not the least, Lizmen comes in as a major battery holder manufacturing company. Its durable products make sure your battery is docked in safely and has no impact on its position even when you bend.


Every company tries its best to satisfy its customer in every way it can. It is in your best interest that you carefully compare and evaluate among them and choose the one that fits your requirements.

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