Things You Need To Know About The Tracking Containers

Maher terminal tracking container

Things You Need To Know About The Tracking Containers

The tracking container systems allow you to know where your container that is in the ship is and also gives the detail about that place or the port. So, when you have the Maher terminal tracking container information, you can track the container anytime you want and see where your container is in this world. To know how to track the container, read below.

How To Track The Container

To know where your container has reached, you need to write the container number, loading bill, or the booking number, and then add the shipping line. When you add these things, on the tracking website, you will get the details about the current location or the location of the port it last reached, with the date and time. 

What Is Container Number

The Maher terminal tracking container number is a mixture of letters and numbers. There are generally four alphabets that are used as the prefix of the numbers. Then there are at least six numbers in this container number. 

The container number looks like WXYZ123456. 

This is the one thing you can use to track your container.

What Is Loading Bill

The bill of loading is abbreviated generally as BOL or B/L. It is a document given to you by the carrier when you give your container for the shipment. In this document, there are the details of the shipped container and also the title of the shipment. This document is a necessary thing you should have when you ship a container. It is like a guarantee paper that your container is with the carriers, and it will reach the receiver safely. And if it does not reach safely, gets damaged, or lost, then through this bill, which is a piece of evidence that the carrier had the container, the compensation for any loss can be filed against them. 

The Booking Number

It is the reservation number of the cargo, which is used by the cargo carriers or their agents. This number is given to you by the carrier company itself. 

So, you can use any of the above to track your Maher terminal tracking container in whichever type of tracking system your container is in.


There Different Types Of Tracking Systems

  1. The first tracking system is the standard tracking type, in which the movement of your container is recorded according to the ports it has crossed. Every port it crosses, you will get the timings and date of when that port was crossed. 
  2. The second system is of the type in which there is a GPS container tracking system. In this tracking system, you get the real-time location of the container. In this, there is a battery pack installed on the container, permanently. You get the information about time, speed, temperature, longitude, latitude, shock reports, and information about the battery as well. But this is not generally used, as the standard one is used the most. 


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