Guide For Selecting The Best TV 2020

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Guide For Selecting The Best TV 2020

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  • 14-Oct-2020
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A TV is a must-have for every family. However addicted we are on smartphones and computers, at the close of the afternoon we all gather in front of a TV and gossip among relatives. Television is also an essential part of your drawing space where your guests get to know the most about your selection, preference, and lifestyle.

Considering that technology is evolving quickly, it's essential to understand the specifications and features of the entire latest LED TV price in Bangladesh if you would like to purchase a new TV in 2020. So we've produced a thorough guide to help you discover the best TV for you within your budget.

Display Size

Opt for the size of this TV monitor based on the distance in your wall where you can put it. Additionally, it would help if you thought about the gap between the TV and the audiences. For instance, a large display would be debilitating and not right for you in case your room is too small that even the most distance you can manage to be away from the TV allows you to move your eyeballs to see the entire screen simultaneously.

You should check it at the showroom if the display size is comfortable for you from the average approximate seeing space you will have in your area where you will put the TV.


Watch the Significance of available resolutions for TVs or all sorts of screens/monitors. The higher is the resolution, the higher is the sharpness and details of the images. Go for the highest possible resolution within your budget.

Try to Purchase a TV using Ultra HD screen even though it's smaller than you wanted for. Always keep in mind that resolution matters. The more the PPI (Pixel per Inch), the better is the image. You can quantify the PPI by dividing the resolution together with the area of the screen in the square inch.


As you have just known about the maximum resolution on the current market, if you have a budget of around BDT 40,000 and need to experience something more than Ultra HD/4K, we suggest you Samsung Smart TV.

You may observe a considerable difference in color, contrast, brightness, and sharpness in the image quality in an HDR supported TV other than a standard 4K Ultra HD TV, which doesn't encourage it. Note that this HDR feature isn't appropriate for settlements of less than 4K.


There are a lot of smart features that can be found in the new Samsung tv price in Bangladesh. If You Would like to get the most from a TV, you need to browse through the specifications thoroughly. Some versions support Android programs, some support Wi-Fi loading. In contrast, others help Netflix, etc. Once you set your finances, you need to compare one of the TVs of the same price range and discover one with more distinctive features and connectivity options.

You will find LED screens are already available on many smartphones; these screens are the very best. Those are effective at producing complete black by turning the pixels off totally. The other colors feel more realistic because of LED technology. The curvature of a display does not enhance the viewing experience at all.


It will give you peace of mind and also save you a lot of money if any part of your TV begins to malfunction within the guarantee period. Precisely the same applies to reunite policy and guarantee.


Never purchase TVs. From manufacturers apart from Samsung and Transtec. At present in Bangladesh, there are a lot of new brands which are making TVs with nearly the same features and specifications as the above mentioned three bands. However, those TVs are being made out of cheap electronic parts that result in low picture quality and shortened lifespan. Do not be excited about watching their low cost yet enormous specs. Go for quality other than quantity.


As you have already read about the intricacies of all of the aspects that should be considered while choosing your new TV price in BD, now is the time to know about the final step- from where to purchase. The majority of us decide to buy TVs from the nearest showrooms of the respective brand. You're advised to go to the showroom to see the performance of your preferred TV yourself for the final choice.

But if the showroom is too much out of you or you want to save some of your hard-earned cash, you can purchase your desired Samsung or Transtec Television on the Transcom Digital website. Transcom Digital can Supply you with the same original product with the same guarantee and other amenities at a reduced price than that of a showroom. You can check the purchase price and specifications of the most recent Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh available in Bangladesh from Transcom Digital and watch for yourself!


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