Custom Cosmetics Boxes and Packaging

Increase sales with alluring Custom Cosmetics Boxes and Packaging.

Businesses like to see their sales figure soaring while keeping their costs low. Custom cosmetics boxes & packaging is offered at market competitive rates to easily slide into the marketing budget.

Custom cosmetics boxes & packaging gives a platform to craft boxes that give the perfect look to your cosmetic products. As the cosmetic industry adheres to ‘look matters’ moto; similarly, the same should be focused with respect to the packaging of these products. These boxes need to resonate with the theme of the item inside. Customers make almost 80% of buying decisions at retail stores. They consider adding the product to their basket if the packaging appeals to them. This makes it imperative to have attractive packaging that grabs attention instantly and encourage customers to select the product from the other options.

The global cosmetics industry is ever-expanding and is expected to garner $429.8 billion by 2020. It is expected to have an annual growth rate of 4.1% which makes it a potentially good investment. The demand for cosmetics never ceases. Even during economic slumps and recession, women do not give up on looking good. The increasing demand for such products is fueled by various factors such as the rising purchasing power of women, changing lifestyles, a shift of preference towards organic and natural products, etc. Particularly in the U.S., women on average spend $3,000 on cosmetics. There is a presence of cut-throat competition in the market with companies trying their best to maximum expand their customer base. One of the most effective promotional tools is engaging packaging. Customers feel intrigued by colorful and vibrant boxes which in turn stimulates sales.

Customizing using numerous options

These products can be packaged in personalized boxes which are available in all custom shapes and sizes. Clients can modify them using different designing tools such as embossed lettering, foil stamping, matte and gloss lamination, gloss UV, gloss AQ, spot UV, die-cutting, gluing, and many more. The boxes are printed in premium ink to give an extra edge to their overall appeal. Each box is printed once the contents are proofread by the client using modern printing techniques. A team of designated graphic designers helps to achieve the ideal box for you.

Businesses like to see their sales figure soaring while keeping their costs low. Custom cosmetics boxes & packaging is offered at market competitive rates to easily slide into the marketing budget. They prove to be an excellent value for money deal. Prices are kept low with no comprise on the quality of packaging. Cosmetics are expensive to research and promote. Businesses go to extreme lengths to make sure that their products appear differentiated in the market. They, thus, intend to cover these costs through considerable sales revenue and profits. Having distinct packaging creates an individual image for the products. Customers are more likely to place their trust in the cosmetics which they recognize and pledge their loyalty to them.

Not everyone knows how to select the right type of packaging. Different sellers have different requirements. The presence of numerous product types in the cosmetics industry means that the packaging specifications will be different for each one of them. We offer packaging solutions for lipsticks, nail polishes, lotions, perfumes, and any other cosmetic item. Clients can have all sorts of queries answered through friendly customer care representatives at all times. The whole ordering process is made easy to follow. The clients are facilitated by fast turnaround time along with free handling and shipping. They are given quick quotations to save time in order. Effective aster-sale services are also provided to create a wholesome purchasing experience. A free sample kit can also be ordered online to assess the quality of the materials used. All in all, a perfect one-stop-shop to get attractive and interesting packaging boxes for all your cosmetic products.

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