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Why to Choose Magento for eCommerce Website Development?

Magento is now the backbone of ecommerce technology. It is the most famous and right now about 240,000 online stores are operated by Magento.

Magento is now the backbone of ecommerce technology. It is the most famous and right now about 240,000 online stores are operated by Magento. It is the most effective ecommerce platform and offers the best benefits. Magento can operate all business functions smoothly no matter the size of the business. Magento is the most effective and most affordable method and is used by businesses all around the world to create scalable ecommerce websites and applications.

So these days custom Magento development is very famous among traders. Magneto is an open source e-commerce platform and was specially built for e-stores. It also helps to improve conversion rates and promotes smooth navigation. If you want a ecommerce site hire us we are an ecommerce web development company in Delhi that specializes in designing, developing, maintaining & marketing websites for businesses, We will now discuss some of the reasons behind its success and why we will choose Magneto for ecommerce-

Magento is Open Source

Magento comes with two versions i.e. Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. Community versions of Magento are completely free. You can easily install or use any version of the community version of Magento. You can also develop and install magneto modules to accelerate the performance of your Magento store and promote your ecommerce website with all new features and functionalities. You can find a large library of Magento modules on Magento Connect Marketplace. So magneto is at the helm in the e-commerce industry due to the power of open source.


Magento's developers can create frontends based on a unique and amazing user experience and multiple accessing tools. Magneto also enables optimizing the back-end of the e-store to meet specific requirements. Magneto also offers you to take control of the interface and processing capabilities of the ecommerce solution.

SEO Friendly

Magneto is an open source ecommerce platform with SEO friendly features. Magneto has many inbuilt SEO friendly features such as SEO friendly URLs, search engines, URL rewrites, positioning layers, sitemaps, tags and descriptions, etc. We are a reliable and transparent SEO company in Delhi that helps to improve the organic visibility of your website in search engines.

Especially For eCommerce platform

Most businesses go for Magento website development as Magento meets his needs to a greater extent. Developers have built magneto exclusively for the custom requirements of ecommerce platforms. That's why Magento satisfies business owners. Magento is the only platform that offers ecommerce solutions with more comprehensive features and designs.

High Performance

When we talk about factors such as page load time, query processing time and other dynamic and static operations, Magento is a clear winner on all fronts. According to the latest research, users don't give more than 2-3 seconds to load the website otherwise they simply leave the site immediately. Magento understands this very well and loads in a few milliseconds. Magento uses modern technologies such as varnish, redis, memcated, FPC and customized databases to provide amazing user experience.

Magento Community

Since the Magneto platform is open source, it has a vast community of developers, bloggers, project managers, CEOs, designers, etc. around the world. These members often interact with each other and contribute to upgrading the Magento platform and also help each other to resolve their issues if any. Magento is a secure and fast platform and regular updates meet the needs of end users.

Magento's eCommerce business leads to growth of business and gives you control and easy access to your brand experience. Magento gives potential customers more tools than any other ecommerce platform to invite and keep. It's now easy to control the content, look and suitability of every ecommerce website with the help of promotional tools like SEO and catalog management. The Magento website development team should involve highly skilled professionals to provide optimum quality of work using the latest technology processes.

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