Top SEO Trends of 2020 to Watch Out For

SEO Trends 2020

Top SEO Trends of 2020 to Watch Out For

As the online competition continues to rise day by day with new websites getting launched it is time to renew the SEO tactics that you are following till now. If Google is your primary focus area then it is vital that you pay attention to the ranking factors that are laid every then and now. SEO trends are on the horizon and keeping your website and content updated to the latest trends helps in making the digital space yours at any time of the year. Let us take a look at the tactics and strategies that will work wonders and help you dominate the SERP and see more revenue in 2020.

AI is on the phase of growth

Artificial intelligence has become the pioneering force that has taken SEO to next level in the past decade. For instance, in 2015 the algorithm called RankBrain was introduced which is a machine-based algorithm that helps Google to show the users more relevant results. This was the beginning of AI taking over the world of SEO. The more recent development of AI is the introduction of BERT (bidirectional Transformers for understanding the language). Bert is Google’s neural network-based technique employed for natural language processing. This is just a signal that AI will continue to be an evolving step in the SEO field of the future.

Voice search is not goanna go

When voice search was introduced in 2012, it was thought to be another project that is going to enter the ever-growing Google graveyard. But the tables turned and it has become one of the most favorite ways to place the search request. In 2017 around 33million search requests were recorded. In 2019 it was found that 20 percent of the search results are from mobile. Users use this type of search when they want accurate answers to the long and difficult to type questions. And voice search is here to stay and won’t be ruled out of the game anytime soon.

Schema markup

One of the latest schema markup releases is the one for the markup of movies. This might seem insignificant but this shows how granular and far-reaching the structured data has become. With smart speakers becoming more and more, webmasters have to place the schema within their website to take advantage of the millions of voice search that comes in every month. The website markup has a huge influence on the featured snippets.

Experience-based SEO

One of the biggest trends that the SEO professionals have to take seriously in 2020 is user experience. This includes experience right from the getting a response to the search request to the landing page experience. When it comes to user experience Technical SEO plays a major role according to Google including Technical aspects like page speed, frameworks, and much more. Only if the technical foundation is strong, the rank will get higher.

The length of the content will determine the ranking 

To beat the competition and take the no 1 spot on the search engine result page, the only way is high-quality content. But now you have to consider the quantity of the content alongside quality. The ideal length has been a matter of debate among the SEO experts. Research shows that the ideal length of a blog or article is considered to be 2000 words. This is because the search engines increase the visibility of long-form high-quality content. However, the content that you have framed should comprehensively answer the queries of the user and be related to the query. The length of the content increases the dwell time which is an indicator that the user enjoys your content.

Mobile SEO will continue to grow

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because mobile SEO is never going to go out of fad. 87 percent of the internet users from mobile and 40 percent of transactions are made on mobile. On July 1, 2019, Google introduced the mobile-first indexing to improve and increase mobile search experience. This means that you have to first build mobile-friendly sites and those who have only a website supporting the bigger screen it is time to make the shift.

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