Classic restaurant lighting decoration

lighting design case of classic decor restaurant

Classic restaurant lighting decoration

Want to create a comfortable and elegant dining environment? The secret is the lighting of the restaurant! The lighting design can highlight the characteristics and atmosphere of the restaurant. When designing restaurant lighting, you need to pay attention to its artistry and functionality.

To match the restaurant's classic or old-fashioned decor, the lighting should be soft, natural and have sufficient brightness, which not only enables people to see the food but also matches the surrounding environment, furniture and tableware to form a visual overall aesthetic.

In the restaurant, the chandelier is often the main source of light and the focus of the lighting decoration. It is usually mounted directly above the dining table as a decorative component that enhances the aesthetics of the overall decoration. The size of the chandelier needs to be calculated based on the overall size of the restaurant. If the big restaurant is equipped with a small chandelier, it will look very small. Small restaurants with large chandeliers can also be very discordant. In general, if we use a small dining table, we use a 60cm diameter chandelier. If a medium dining table is used, a chandelier with a diameter of 70 cm is used. If you are using a large dining table, use a chandelier with a diameter of 80cm. LED spotlights or track lights provide general illumination. The recessed downlight can be used as a supplemental light for the chandelier above the tabletop, as well as for the tableware on the table. The lighting is mainly based on energy-saving LED lights and the light color should be warm white or close to daylight.

The indirect light source of the restaurant is generally the LED strip lights that mounted on the ceiling and wall, which are used for decoration and further highlight the characteristics of the restaurant. Their brightness should not be too high. And the wine cabinets, paintings, ornaments, and counters can also be highlighted by the LED light strip or LED light bar with different colors, to achieve the special effect of the items.

The color of the restaurant's environment has a great impact on people's psychology. Firstly, the color of food can affect people's appetite. Secondly, the color of the restaurant environment can also affect people's mood when eating. The color of the restaurant varies greatly depending on personal hobbies and personality. But in general, the yellowish colors will more suitable for old-fashioned decoration. Yellowish color, similar with sun light at morning and dusk, gives people the feeling of warmth, so it is recommended that the restaurant lighting color temperature is 2700K to 6500K, the larger the value of Kelvin, the closer the light is to pure white light. For most traditional interior decor, there are 3 typical matching colors: warm white (2700K-3000K), netural white (4000K-4500K), and daylight (5500K). They not only give people a sense of warmth and elegance but also enhance the interest of the diners.

When the overall color is matched, it should also be noted that the ground color should be deep, the wall surface can be used in the middle tone, and the ceiling color should be shallow to increase the sense of stability. At different times, seasons and psychological conditions, people's feelings about color will change. According to different seasons or festivals, we can use tablecloths with different colors. For example, when Chinese New Year is coming, the traditional Chinese restaurants will change the tablecloths into the red to match the festival atmosphere and give people a sense of enthusiastic and celebrate.

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