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Internet security is a basic necessity for users to remain secure, protected from online threats. antivirus breathes digital security tirelessly, attempting to stay a few strides in front of the cybercriminals keeping the digital life safe to surf shop and associate on the web with confidence and security.


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To setup Norton antivirus on your computer visit These 3 simple steps of Norton setup can help you to easily log in, download, install, and enter the Norton setup key on the computer online.

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Looking for help and support for your HP printer problems? Whether it’s a setup issue or process error, HP printer help can deal with every possible difficulty that a user may face while using HP printers, some of the best inclusions to home and office both.

According to cybercrime statistics from and respectively, cybercrimes account for trillions of dollars in losses, there is a ransomware attack every 14 seconds, and cybercrime is quickly becoming more profitable than the illegal drug trade. And those are just a few of the eye-opening statistics on cybercrime. So why is antivirus software important? How can it keep you from becoming another cyber crime statistic?

First, AV software offers comprehensive threat protection. It is the best way to safeguard your computer against viruses and all sorts of malware such as ransomware, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, identity theft and more.

Finally, an oft overlooked reason for using an antivirus program is that it can actually speed up your computer. It does this by decluttering cached threats that affect performance time and by removing viruses that can slow or freeze your computer and affect your hard drive’s performance. 

At the end of the day, as long as computers exist, as long as we use them, as long as we rely on them, we will also need antivirus software to protect and preserve our digital security. Not having an AV program on your PC would be like inviting a criminal into your home. Once inside, the criminal or virus can steal from you and cause irreparable damage. To secure your privacy and protect your data, antivirus software is a must. It is your first and best line of defense against cybercrime.

Third, antivirus software can help protect your professional reputation. There are many viruses that attempt to hijack your desktop email program in order to send out unsolicited email to your contacts. These emails can be professionally embarrassing at best and downright devastating at worst. Other viruses try to use your IP address to make illegal downloads; downloads that could result in incriminating you in unlawful activities. Good antivirus software guards against these forms of malware too.

Antivirus programs were initially created to distinguish and expel PC infections. Be that as it may, with the proliferation of different sorts of malware, antivirus programs began to protect against other PC dangers as well. Specifically, current antivirus programs can shield clients from ransomware, trojans, worms, ransomware, spam, adware, spyware and other malicious programs.

A good detection rate of viruses may be achieved when using different identification methods and layers of defense such as signature-based detection, heuristics and more. When a virus is analyzed by an antivirus provider, a signature of the malicious file is added to a signature database of the provider’s antivirus program. The program then compares signatures of files on the user’s computer to the provider’s signature database. 

Second, AV software can increase your computer’s lifetime. The objective of many viruses is to render a system’s host unusable or to prevent you from installing new software such as an antivirus software. Reinstalling an operating system to get rid of a virus and repair your PC could cause you to lose important data and files, which will ultimately cost you time and money too. 

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