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What Vital Questions Should You Ask Before Buying Solar Panels?

Let’s glance at some vital questions that you should be asking your dealer before deciding to purchase

Well, choosing a solar system for your home or office can bring huge gains! Switching to solar energy can considerably lower your energy bills and alleviate your carbon footprint. Moreover, qualified, experienced and certified level 2 electrician can help you to select the perfectly-sized system and installation that’s right for your household’s requirements and budget. Let’s glance at some vital questions that you should be asking your dealer before deciding to purchase:

1. What size of system will cater to my household’s electricity intake?

Dealers should have the expertise to assist you to select the perfectly-sized system for your household’s electricity requirements. To get the proper assistance, you may want to show your past bills to your provider so that it helps them to recommend you with the right-sized solar panel system for your household’s needs. Ask them concerning the power the system is capable of producing. If you have some plans for future expansion of your home; for instance, adding more rooms or appliances, then you should inform them about it.

2. Can I enlarge the system in the future?

If you anticipate expanding your home in the future, then you should be asking whether your system will accept upgrades in the future. In the majority of cases, adding extra panels won’t cause an issue for providers. Nevertheless, depending on your roof’s dimensions, an extension may require taking varied forms especially when you’re tight on space.

3. What type of performance can I expect as per my location?

Sunny weather conditions exist in Australia, so solar technology is practical in all states and territories. However, from one state to another state or territory, performance can vary, so it would be beneficial to make expectations clear concerning performance from the beginning itself. As per the weather conditions in your city and your roof’s position, your provider can determine how much energy the system is likely to produce.

4. Who would be coming to install my solar system?

Installing solar panels is a highly technical process, and this type of work must be undertaken by qualified and licensed technicians only such as certified electricians. Clear regulations are defined for this purpose by most of the states and territories. For instance, in NSW – solar panels can be installed by certified builders or level 2 electrical contractors. However, the electrical wiring part of the installation can only be carried out by certified electrical contractors. The bottom line is you need to check the laws that are relevant in your state/ territory to make sure your system is installed by competent professionals.

5. What warranties are there on your product?

Typically, high-quality solar panels are made to last between 15 and 25 years. Your company should be able to offer you a long warranty period in line with the effectiveness period of the solar panels.

6. What type of guidance and help can I expect?

Request your dealer as to what type of guidance and help you’ll be obtaining as part of your installation. For instance -

  • Would you get help on how you should use the system?
  • How should you monitor usage and determine how much electricity has been produced?

Reliable dealers or providers will be glad to provide you with additional help and recommendations so that you can efficiently use your brand new solar panel system.

7. Can you please explain to me the most important terms and conditions?

Finally, ask your dealer to explain if you don’t understand some part of the purchase contract. It’s imperative to take time to know inside-out about what you’re signing up by facilitating the dealer to explain to you concerning any unusual terms and conditions.

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