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Everything You Should Know About Buying a Horse

Buying a horse can be a very complex task. For those people that may think a horse is horse could find themselves facing big problems. Each horse is different and needs to be looked at in such a way. All horses will have some problems, it is a matter of do you have the skills to properly deal with them.

Let me say up front one big secret I think there is to having a great horse; it's all in the relationship. If you want to have a successful and fulfilling relationship with your horse you have to get along. The famous Will Rogers quote, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man." That is true quote but you must remember that the opposite can be true also; you could begin to dislike and even hate a horse you are not having fun with. The remarkable thing about a horse is that over time they will begin to represent a mirror image of you. If you don't know how to handle a horse then your horse's problems can grow. A horse has a wonderful knack to exploit your imperfections. That why it is imperative to have the horsemanship skills and tools to be able to "train" a horse. From the selection, training, management and to horseman, I have defined four sections to examine in order for you to take the steps to excel as a horse person. mules for sale

Selection: The horse you choose is the horse you must live with and deal with on a daily basis. If you select a horse with many "challenges" then you must embrace ways to develop and learn to possess the skills to correct those "problems". There is no horse that is challenge free or problem free. Some horses just have less challenge then others. Your first horse should not have challenges that can in injure you. Challenges can be in many forms:

Age - Breed - Health - Abuse - Attitude - Neglect - Never Trained - Poorly Trained - Time to devote to the horse - Facilities not available

It is best if you shop around and educate yourself on what you really want in your horse. Love at first sight is not a good buying strategy for a horse. Inexperience in horse selection can be anything from unpleasant to very painful, including death. The wrong horse in the wrong hands can be a deadly combination. The average horse is ten times more powerful than you. Horse ownership should be an absolute joy and not filled with fear and anxiety. Selection of your first horse is paramount to having a good horse experience. The old saying of a green horse and a green rider soon turns to black and blue was founded on truth. ranch horses for sale

Psychological Selection: We may unknowingly be psychological mirrors to the horses we gravitate towards, or the horses may be psychological mirrors of us. Either way it is very common for the person buying a horse for personal use, to select a horse for subconscious reasons. I only address this here so you are aware of it. It is too complex an issue to discuss in its entirety here.

Cost: Good horses are expensive to purchase. But the initial price of the horse may be shortly eclipsed by the constant cost of the routine expenses it may take to properly care for a horse. Veterinarian bills, feed bills, farrier bills, continuing education fees, tack, stable fees, etc.

Time: The time you spend with your horse is important. The horse's favorite companion is routine and habit. For a horse to develop well, he should also be mentally and emotionally stimulated. It takes time to teach a horse something new or to refine prior learned tasks. It takes lots of time to build exceptional communication between you and the horse. Again learning in horsemanship is a two way street, you must also develop your horsemanship skills. My personal goal as a horseman is having people to try to figure out how you got the horse to do that maneuver, with no obvious signs of a cue. When people always ask you how it is you have the best mannered and such a well trained horse, that is when you are becoming a horseman. In my opinion there is no nobler quest than to be a superb horseman. Pat Parelli considers a horse green with less than 1,000 hours of training. If you work/train/ride your horse one hour each day, it will take about 3 years to reach 1,000 hours. tennesee walking horse

Breed selection: There is no perfect breed. Each breed always has pluses and minuses. Each breed has its limitations and attributes. Some breed organizations are large, others are small. You should select your horse based on your intended use and individual flare. Arabian horses will make poor roping horses, but they make superb endurance racers. Quarter Horses were originally bred to produce an all around ranch horse that was extremely fast running a quarter mile. Walking horses make excellent trail horses, their gait and endurance allows for a long pleasant trail ride. Each breed may have their temperaments; some may be "hot" or "cold". Horse shows, fairs, television programs and the internet are just a few places to learn about different breeds. Most people will be more than happy to embellish enthusiastically about "their" breed of horse if asked.

Age: Young horses can be very enjoyable, most of the time they are "baggage free". They can also become nightmares in the wrong hands. Raising a young horse from weanling to riding age can be the best thing ever, to both you and the horse, if handled properly. It is not wise to have your first horse be a horse younger than six years old that has been properly trained. Your first horse should never be a green horse. A ten year old well seasoned horse is worth its weight in gold. They are usually very mature and commonly have only a few veterinary problems. Your first horse should be your buddy. Horses that will help you learn at your pace. A green or young horse will learn at their pace. If you are unprepared to teach the horse, let someone else start and train your horse. But you must be in on the process. If you don't know how to train or ride a horse you really need some professional guidance.

Horses are one of the greatest gift you can buy for yourself. A lot of thought and research should go into this very important purchase. Educate yourself so that you will have a fulfilling experience and know the joy of horse ownership.

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