Top 10 Online Wholesale Food Business

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Top 10 Online Wholesale Food Business

For all your client orders, stop wasting your time going to the grocery wholesale distributors. Why not shop online for them? There are thousands of online wholesale grocery stores waiting at your doorstep to supply your wholesale groceries. These online grocery stores are filled with various groceries on their websites for you to choose from. We have simplified all the wholesale grocery stores to just ten to let you know where to get your groceries from. You can read their characteristics too.

The wholesale grocery company is one of the most profitable companies that any entrepreneur can start. It is a simple business, but with a wide market that is expected to grow even bigger and bigger.


1. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is the world's largest online wholesale food retailer with warehouses around the globe to better serve its rising number of customers. It still has SKU 500,000 items to choose from for Chinabrands to stock its more than 200+ stores.

Groceries are critical goods that need suppliers that are quick enough to produce their orders in the shortest amount of time. Within 24hrs, Chinabrands will always deliver your wholesale groceries.

2. Wosco Online

Wosco online is a distributor of Chinese e-commerce wholesale food stores built on an offline platform. Its main purpose is to provide F$B companies with dry groceries at a reasonably low price.

Online Wosco has a delivery time of about 24-72 hrs. Compared to other grocery providers, its prices are reasonable. It is useful to purchase from Wosco to minimise logistics costs as it is free for goods above RM500 and you can return within 14 days after the contract in case of any problem with the groceries.

3. Tradeling

Tradeling is the one-stop B2B marketplace for all your bulk purchasing needs, bringing you an easy-to-navigate portal linking your business with brand-name suppliers across the globe. The sellers we’ve partnered with delivering top brands at a fraction of retail using cutting-edge technology that powers the Tradeling B2B marketplace.

You can rest assured knowing that your wholesale business connects with bulk buyers at lightning speed and zero hassle – all with the confidence that every transaction is fully secure.

If you’re looking for suppliers, they link you with fully-vetted wholesale sellers offering the best prices on bulk food and beverage, office supplies, health and wellness, and much more. Tradeling is a leading online business startup in the UAE.

And if you’re looking to grow your business, the global reach of our B2B marketplace can put your products and prices in front of new customers from all over the world. Also. suppliers and buyers agree Tradeling is the globally interconnected B2B marketplace with wholesale prices that cannot be beaten.

4. Redmart

This is an online wholesale grocery store certified by ISO with over 70,000 fresh items stored in its various warehouses. It believes in delivering a commodity of Grade A+ with a perfect match for low prices.

They have a delivery time of 2hrs for orders within the surrounding areas, which is carried out by their transport vehicles.


5. Ocado

This is Malaysia's most trusted wholesale grocery store with a website loaded by numerous grocery wholesale distributors with more than 10,000 different groceries. In 1999, Ocado was founded by family friends to supply cheap food in bulk to the largest hotels to help them increase profits by providing their concept of bulk sales with major discounts.

Your orders can only be shipped within 24hrs without any cost from wherever you are if you buy in bulk.

6. Natures Basket

Natures Basket was launched in India in 1995 with only small customers around its neighbourhood, but it opened five other branches in various major cities within 3 years of operation. It has now collaborated with other floral wholesale distributors that have seen it launch the first online wholesale food stores to appeal to its growing demand.

With a maximum delivery time of 24 hours, your orders will be shipped only fresh for orders over $500 with no transport costs included.

7. Alibaba

With over 100,000 different items, this is an international online store. As they can accommodate any order from any customer, it is among the few transactions on bulk websites.

All orders within China are shipped within 24hrs, while non-perishable goods are delivered within 2-7 working days to other countries.

8. Potboy

The trusted wholesale groceries Malaysia will deliver to you free of charge within the shortest time possible for your new and cheap wholesale groceries, Pot Boy. It was launched in 2016 and is now the only supplier of groceries to some of the largest F&B stores.


This is considered to be the cheapest bulk grocery store Brisbane has ever had for a full decade. It has been chosen by many as their only best reliable food supplier with its items sourced directly fresh from the gardens.

It has a wide range of items that are purchased for free online and shipped within 3-12 days.


With over 75 years of outstanding success, is among the most known wholesale grocery stores in Singapore. The shops are well stocked with all sorts of groceries, making it the best for all supermarket dealers. has a 2-day shipping duration from the moment the order is sent. They will be over free transport for orders above $60 while there is a low $10 fee for those below. Why you should also consider this grocery supplier is because you can get your orders with no minimum order.


There are hundreds of online wholesale grocery vendors who can sell online groceries, but very few have to purchase bulk website features. Compared to Tradeling, which has more than 100,000+ food stores listed on their websites, some food suppliers have fewer than 100 single line products on their websites.

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