Best Control Cables For A Data-Driven World 2019

Best Control Cables For A Data-Driven World 2019

The world is developing incredibly faster than we have expected in the past. IoT-enabled technologies are taking over all the human functioning areas across the world.

The world is developing incredibly faster than we have expected in the past. IoT-enabled technologies are taking over all the human functioning areas across the world.

Primecab Control Cables Cables play the most important role in this data-driven world. Cable companies are proving their expertise to make faster, easily connectable, and long-lasting cables for all the IoT purposes. Recently the popular company – HeluKabel’s bus technology sales manager has shared his thoughts on adaptive cable designs to offer the best to the Data-Driven world. Let’s have a look at world’s best control cables:

Primecab Control Cables
Primecab Control Cables

Primecable deals in both screened and unscreened type cables. The screened cables are bare or tinned, with the dimensions of 1.5 sq. mm, 2.5 sq. mm, 4.0 sq. mm. It is screened by copper wire braid, Aluminium Mylar tape or Aluminium Wire.

On the other hand, its unscreened cables are being used for the power supply to control circuits purposes. These cables are manufactured as per IS, BS & IEC standards.


Leoni is also delivering the best and complex cable systems. One of the leading control cable manufacturers, Leoni has got the expertise to manufacture Interference-proof, fixed and dragline-compatible control cables.

Leoni is absolutely a brand that able to meet the market’s requirements through its application-oriented cable assemblies by following International standards of UL, CSA, and Desina


Ultracab is one of the reputed manufacturers and exporters of Control Cables in India. The brand follows all major standards to manufacture up-to-the quality control cables in India. It offers an efficient and durable range of control cables as per the requirement of customers.

SAB Control Cables

The brand produces cables with an outer shell made of PUR, which acts strongly and steadily in harsh environmental conditions. One of the oldest Control Cable manufacturers, SAB delivers high-quality cables that are best fitted for the use of glass manufacturing and metal chipping industries.

You can contact one of these if you are looking for the best control cables for any industrial purpose or you can talk to their cable experts by contacting them.

Cable armour is not used to protect the cable

The armour you see around the cable is not provided to protect it against physical damages. It increases the tensile measure of the wire. Opposite to it, if the wire exposes due to some physical intact, it may cause severe damage with the help of armour.

Cable armour is not meant to prevent moisture

You must know the fact that the cable armour is not provided to prevent moisture. It only helps wire not to bend much as it can be broken inside. The armour is not meant to protect the wire from water or any kind of moisture. Even the best control cables do not provide much capable armour that can prevent moisture.

'New' doesn’t stand for long-lasting

It is a misconception between people that new power cables will stay for a lifetime. There are so many power cable manufacturers in the market. So the power cables you are using in your house may stay for a limited period of time.

Hope, this information helped you a little to know the facts and capacity of power cables.

Screened Wires are those twisted pair cables that have either copper wire braid, aluminum Mylar tape or aluminum wire as a screen between different twisted pairs inside the main insulation. This screen helps in reduction of electromagnetic interference. Now, how this factor is decided if we want to use a screened or unscreened type of wire? The answer is where the wire is laid, whether it coincides with elements like motors, generators, air conditioners or even printers or fluorescent lamps. These devices cause electromagnetic interference and can produce “noise” during current or even data transmission. Hence for these applications, shielding is an important element. The higher quality shielded wires consist of a drain wire, which carries the effects of electromagnetic interference to the ground, and dissipates the excessive noise to the ground. Not only the wire but the couplers and jacks used in these wires are carefully shielded in order to prevent any possible shield leak, whatsoever. The major reasons why these wires are not always used are, one, they are expensive to manufacture, and two, they are less flexible than their unshielded doppelgangers. 

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