Top 4 Tips To Clear NDA Written Exam

Top 4 Tips To Clear NDA Written Exam

Like each time, a huge crowd will write the examination to pursue their dream NDA Academy. For individuals who are freshers in this sphere and attempting their best to crack the NDA exams in their primary attempt, need some direction to follow. First of all, explaining the NDA Exam Syllabus in a short way, here is a significant plan of the examination.

What exactly is the written NDA Entrance Exam like?

First of all, let us understand what the written NDA Entrance Exam is all about. To get nominated to the NDA Training program, a candidate has to undergo a 2- phase selection procedure.

The first phase is main written NDA Entrance examination and the second phase is an SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview.

NDA syllabus is different from the other competitive exams syllabus and thus need to do some extra efforts for clearing it.  Candidates have to appear after 12th board exams and can conveniently join NDA coaching classes. The new aspirants of NDA must follow the tips mentioned below to get NDA admission and absorb the essential stuff as per their requirements.

  1. Work on your space management skills


Thinking about what space management is all about? When it comes to mathematics, to crack questions, some or the other kind of rough work is comprised. Such rough work needs blank space. You might do such stuff within your mind too, if you are extremely smart!

However, majority of us will require to do rough work on the blank spaces given. Here, the issue is that the quantity of blank space given is not too much. It is quite restricted, to be frank. So, with the aim of tackling this issue and to stop ourselves from running out of blank space, we need to exercise space management.

Study how to do calculations and rough work in as limited space as probable. Moreover, do much of the work by means of mental arithmetic instead of written work.


  1. TV and Newspaper can be of assistance


In NDA Syllabus, Current Affairs constitutes a fundamental part of examination. To get through the exam and score good, this section must be given attention to!


The finest way to do this task is by making best use of Television and News Papers. Utilize them to stay informed on topics related to Current Affairs in addition to Regional, National and International News. Remember, Guide books alone won’t help you excel in Current Affairs. You can also enroll into any of the best NDA coaching centres.


  1. Meticulous Reading is the key to score in English section


If you are indeed have a good command over English language since your school days, you won’t face much trouble excelling in the English section of the exams. Else, you’ll have to refine your skills.

The best way to excel in this is by reading meticulously. Reading English story books, novels, newspapers and other written articles/rb_blog available will help you advance your language skills along with building strong vocabulary at the same time. Believe it or not, it will surely enhance your grammar and writing skills to an level.


  1. History of India: Don’t overlook it


It might well be uninteresting to prepare history section. But at least do not miss the part linked with the history of our country! Oodles of questions are asked, which are linked to Indian history. Avoiding this section will prove to be a pricy mistake! Prepare this section well. Your NDA Coaching Classes will help you with informative history of India.


Taking care of the above facets of NDA exam will ensure that you’ll pass the written part with great score! If needed, you might also go for NDA Coaching Classes and programs. They’ll make sure that your learning process is comprehensive and a faster one! And don’t forget to practice. The more you study and practice, the higher will be your speed and good time management skills! All the best!

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