Here are the most popular car body styles you need to know about

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Here are the most popular car body styles you need to know about

Each person has their own set of desires and needs. In the context of car buying, people prefer different colors, sizes and prices. Similarly, everyone gives important to different features including fuel efficiency, performance, reliability, safety, comfort, luxury and style.  

Autos are divided into multiple body styles based on their use; each is different from other bodies. Catering to various customer requirements, manufacturers are developing innovative, diversified cars which fit the individual needs of every driver. It's almost impossible to name all of them, so here is the list of the common and most famous types of cars and their specifications. 


The most popular design is the sedan and each company has its own good collections. There are several sedan types, but it's important aspect is called the design of the tree box body. This means that there is a separate engine bay, cabin, and trunk in the vehicle. 


A hatchback car is a vehicle that has a wide door in the back that swings upward, while many other models often use this design of the door, a hatchback car is traditionally shown as a small coupe-to a sedan-sized car with a lifted door in the back instead of a trunk. 


Crossover is like a hatchback, however higher in height and comes with wider wheels. That means that when it comes to transporting several passengers or a lot of luggage, crossovers are even more convenient. Some crossovers are individually produced and called SUVs, but essentially, they are just a little larger and with more trunk space of the same crossovers. 


Coupes are often cast in both saloon and trunk as the car you dream, they have limited room, so coupes are not designed to be logical. With and all the coolest movie characters who drive them, they're the kind of cars you've ever wished of owning. They have little storage in both the saloon and the trunk. 


The type of vehicle with a strong combination of hatchback and sedan is the Wagon. The large space behind the second row favors these models. It can be used either for luggage or as desired, for additional seats. 


MPV or minivans are generally high vehicles with a flexible interior design. MPV combines a high-dashed, five-door, one- or two-box hatchback configuration and the mid-size systems of the engine and mechanical components, car-like handling and fuel-efficiency. 


SUVs are generally two-boxed with a front motor compartment and behind it a reconfigurable mixed passenger and freight compartment, instead of a separate trunk. SUVs are typically high surface, large rolls, a large body and upright seats. Although this can make them more likely to roll over (in case of high-speed cornering) due to the higher center of gravity. 

SUVs have recently become more energy-efficient, but their fuel economy seems to be low due to their sheer size and weight. Modern full-size SUVs often offer features such as three-row seats, making them an effective replacement for full-size station wagons and minivans. 

Another reason for their popularity is their versatility. They can maintain traction on a variety of terrains from, sand and mud to highways and streets. People who like off-road driving can get the best SUV tires to handle tough driving conditions. 


Crossovers (also known as Crossover Utility Vehicle) between a sedan and an SUV bring you the best in both places. Consider looking at the wide range of crossovers if you often haul stuff and would like a little more flexibility than a sedan.  

Four-wheel rear-wheel and all-wheel powers are available. While also providing you extra ground clearance and a more powerful view of the street, they are cheaper and have better fuel economy than full-sized SUVs. Recognize that unlike SUVs, they are only made for light off-roading. 


The automobile market is flooded with different body styles. To find out which one suits your needs best, you need to analyze your driving needs completely, so you can make an informed decision. 

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