Platforms Where You Should Publish Your Professional Bio

Publish Your Professional Bio

Platforms Where You Should Publish Your Professional Bio

Of all the lessons we learned from a terrible Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, looking into the future with positive expectations is one of the most important lessons that we should not forget. Economists expect strong business activities to start continuing in the first quarter of 2021, and long-term estimates are even better. What this means for business professionals is that they must be prepared to seize moments by ensuring their biography is not only cutting-edge but also published on the right internet platform.

Talking about yourself is difficult. Do it in 160 characters or less difficult.

That might be why so many of us end up emphasizing making the perfect professional bio for Twitter - or LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks.

It must separate you, but still reflects the approach. Make you look finished, but not boast. Looks professional, with just a personal touch. Bonus points for a little humor thrown, because hey, social media is fun!

In the past, most professional biography was contained in resumes and documents of Curriculum Vitae stored on online work boards such as Careerbuilder and indeed. These days, professional BIOS is intended to be more visible, and this means choosing the right internet place where they can be accessed by recruiters, employing managers, and prospective business partners. With this in mind, here are some recommendations for 2021:


There is no reason for you to skip the most active business social networking in the world. If you are an entrepreneurial professional who thinks LinkedIn is mostly for job seekers, you must know that this is not a problem; In fact, LinkedIn job search functions are not active as their main goal, namely forging business connections.


You only have 160 characters to do when writing bio twitter, so you have to go directly to the point. State what you do in two or three words, and don't forget to point the reader to the "about me" page on your website. You must link to your Twitter profile from your website. To some extent, active on Twitter is more relevant than being active on LinkedIn, so be sure to set a positive and interesting presence on this network.


This is a relatively newcomer to the world of the internet directory. In essence, every orangwiki uses the familical Wikimedia web publishing format that can be edited anyone, but the focus is on individuals. Look at this everyodywiki page so you can get acquainted with the way this platform works; There is a good chance that you will begin to see it appear in Google search engine results in 2021, and this has a lot to do with the format of Wikimedia.


Not everyone will benefit from CrunchBase's profile; However, if you have previously worked in or doing business with companies listed in this business directory, the door is wide open for you to link it to it from your profile. If your field of work involves technology or finance, CrunchBase is suitable for your professional bio.


Similar to Twitter, Instagram won't give you enough space for a complete business profile, but you can definitely direct your followers about my website on your website. More important about Instagram in 2021 is you looking for how to use it in a way that can promote your business.

If you are a job seeker whether you are looking for Govt Jobs or private jobs, you can use some of the platforms to publish your qualification and expertise to recieve Govt jobs notifications.

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