What is the process of winterization inspection before the winter season starts?

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What is the process of winterization inspection before the winter season starts?

Without a doubt, winter is just around the corner, and winterization may not be on your to-do list. But before you know it, the temperature will start dropping, and if you are not prepared, your property can endure the damage from the scorching weather, which can lead to more dollars than you wanted to spend.

Winterizing your house is not entertaining when it is 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Surprisingly more terrible is having your sprinkler blowout from frozen lines as you didn't fix them before winter.

The winterization process includes the withdrawal of the water from the heater, disconnection of the taps and valves, freeing water from all the pipelines, and filling them with the non-toxic anti-freezing (propylene-glycol) solutions, and the entire job is completed by the expert team appointed by the property preservation company.

Winterization is essential in the below-mentioned areas of the property before winter arrives to avoid all the issues you can face during this time of the year.

Air conditioner winterization: Air-conditioner is the frequently ignored segment of a cooling system. The condensing unit outside that beats the heat of summer. This segment needs a little consideration as well, as winter is soon to start. Clean the condensing unit of trash, Cover the condensing unit, and Winterizing the window of the air conditioners are the things you can do to prepare yourself for the winter.

Checking the plumbing system: Always ensure that the plumbing system is properly considered. When the winter is about to hit, anything in your pipelines can expand, causing breaks and blasts that can cost you a huge number of dollars of expense to the property. It can even bring some major structural damage. Ensure you shut off the main water supplies, open all the taps, and keep the lines free. 

Inspect the Fireplace and Chimney: Clearing obstacles, Inspecting the firebrick in the fireplace, Checking the damper and flue draft, and cleaning them all are a couple of things you can do to dodge any issues throughout the winter season.

Inspecting door and window: Inspecting the outside mouldings, air leaks, locking mechanisms, caulking, window tracks, replace broken weatherstrip, and using low-priced rope caulk to seal gaps around window and between window panes is a needed task for the betterment of the door and window. 

Roof inspection: Inspecting the roof for damaged or missing single, roof projection, gutters, and downspouts and replacing them with new ones can maintain the overall roof and can avoid the leakage issue face by the property. Check the roof before winter. Either examine the roof by yourself by maintaining all the standard safety measures or employ a property preservation processor to review the roof.

Also check the water heater, basement plumbing lines, toilets, and all fixtures at the property to check that these places are dried up completely.

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