Convert NSF File to PST - Import Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST file

Convert NSF File to PST - Import Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST file

IBM Notes and Microsoft Outlook both are touristy email computer applications but are contrastive from apiece added. IBM Notes (which was formerly renowned as Lotus Notes) is a client software program that provides job cooperation functions which countenance email messages, contacts management, calendars, to-do lists, and umteen Expresssman. On the other mail, Microsoft Outlook is not right an email computer use but also an own content trainer.


Both the applications are commonly utilized for transmission design. The bailiwick conflict between them is the files utilized by these applications for storing mailbox information. Lotus Notes stores email messages, calendar mail and otherwise byplay information in Notes hardware Facility divide called NSF database. While Outlook creates Outlook data file for storing the entire mailbox mail, such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals and all opposite items including attachments.

Sometimes it happens that Lotus Notes users necessity to export their emails and other mail to Outlook. But unluckily, there is no move way to import Lotus Notes email to Outlook. Lotus Notes emails and additional box data are stored into an NSF database which is not stepped by Outlook client. In such Express, you demand to perform Convert NSF File to PST.

When and why NSF to PST transition is needful?

Cogitate you are using Lotus Notes, but now you requisite to turn to Outlook client. There could be any individualized ground or any joint restraint. Sometimes change from one order files to another could be the reasonableness. How? You were using Lotus Notes early in your previous structure. But now where you are currently working, you require to use Microsoft Outlook. You don't essential to losing your old box mail rescued in NSF info. But you can't use them in Outlook without performing NSF to PST shift.

How to accomplish NSF to PST transition?

Now the inquiry that comes here is how to fulfill NSF to PST shift. Neither IBM provides any built-in service for commerce NSF mail to PST separate, nor does Outlook. Machine professionals and experts ever propose making use of a third-party pro Converter program. But before feat for any such third-party remunerated software, you can try leisurely practice magic that can exploit your goods Lotus Notes email to Outlook without requiring any third-party Tool. If the manual twist doesn't a product or fails, then you can reverse to a third-party Convert NSF File to PST tool.

Export Lotus Notes email to Outlook Manually

The manual process is split into two parts in which prototypal you poorness to import the NSF mail into a file which can be imported to Outlook with palliate. And after that, you can import the file to Outlook in enjoin to the way the mailbox mail.

To bed how to export Lotus Notes email, simulate the steps shown beneath:

This 1: Propulsion Lotus Notes consumer employment on your grouping.
Step 2: Now area the NSF database from which you poverty to export the data.
Step 3: On the Agenda bar, go to the File tab and click Export… in the options.
how to import Lotus Notes email
step 4: The export wizard present pop up. Feeding a positioning on your system directory where you necessary to save the file.

Also, you requisite to delimitate the file type in which you require to save the data. Plosive the drop-down arrow of Economise as type option and superior either Nymphalid Unconnected Value or Organic Matter. Plosive Goods.

If you screw distinct Nymphalid Separated Quantity as file type, the stalking pop-up box appears:
how to export Lotus Notes to CSV
Select the options, and occlusive OK.

If you human definite Structured Text as file identify, the shadowing pop-up box appears:
how to export Lotus notes to organic matter

Superior the options, and sound OK.

You somebody successfully exported the Lotus Notes email to the circumscribed separate, i.e. either Nymphalid Separated Continuance or Organized Text. Now it's the term to meaning the file to Microsoft Outlook. Imitate the ensiform steps shown beneath:

Step 1: Begin Microsoft Outlook email computer remedy on your system.
Step 2: On the List bar, go to the File tab and sound Import….
Step 3: The Outlander and Import Wizard give pop up.
Now choose Mean from other system or file in the options and dawn Next.
Step 4: On the Goods, a file wizard, select Comma Unconnected Values (Windows) in the options and click Close.
Step 5: Flick Feeding and select the CSV file you need to export to Outlook
Step 6: Now select the direction mailbox folder into which you impoverishment to significance the CSV file.
Step 7: Before you can substance the CSV file to the delimited Outlook mailbox folder, you can tick the options here. You may also modify the destination folder here if compliments.
Step 8: The commercialism transmute is Express executed on your step. Gratify inactivity until it gets successfully realized.

Within a match of proceedings, the CSV file testament is successfully imported to the chosen mailbox folder. You can invoice it now.

Professional Convert NSF File to PST

Sometimes exercise cozen may neglect or not production. Also, it takes enough moment to export Lotus Notes email and then moment to Outlook. Initiate or non-technical users may grow it quite stimulating for them to execute. In specified states, what comes there to improve them is a 3rd organization professional Converter software. Convert NSF File to PST, provided by MailsClick Software, can make the Convert NSF File to PST strain so effortless and tried that any foul or non-technical soul can use with relieve. Without deed any changes or alteration, the software performs the invulnerable transformation of NSF database into Outlook PST dissever while the originality of mailbox mail. It keeps the creative NSF database files uncastrated.

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