Samsung fridge price in Bangladesh

Testimonials And Cheaper Cost Of Samsung Top Mount Fridge

Along with regular features, this merchandise has several smart attributes too. That will give you brand new experience of using the intelligent appliance. Nanotechnology to make sure about the food security and maintain the fridge cavity safe with a sweet smell.

Samsung Top Mount Fridge one of the essential appliances of our daily lifestyle is fridge. Because of having this cooling appliance, we can save our everyday food for more time. So fridge ought to have sufficient qualities to keep the menu for a longer time without disturbing the vitamin and nutrient of the food. Therefore appliances manufacturing companies are giving priority to producing a smart featuring model of fridge within affordable prices. Among the newest manufacturer of the fridge, Samsung provides a quality model of fridge at an affordable price. Recently they have introduced Samsung Top Mount Fridge. This is a 252 liters capability base model of fridge with an attractive outlook and design. This item will make sure about the heating of your room as well as increase the attractiveness of your place.

Let's have a Look at a few of the essential characteristics of this product in a glance.


- This can be an ordinary version of a fridge that has appealing graphical design at the front of the doorway. This will increase the attractiveness of your place.

- Nanotechnology to make sure about the food security and maintain the fridge cavity safe with a sweet smell.

- Along with regular features, this merchandise has several smart attributes too. That will give you brand new experience of using the intelligent appliance.

- This can be an accessible mode of high mount fridge so that you can quickly get Samsung fridge price in BD at your closest appliances showrooms of Transcom Digital.

-Within a short time by just pressing a button.


- Body characteristics of this item of the fridge aren't durable enough to supply you long term services.

Layout and Measurement

Samsung Top Mount Fridge is an ordinary tower shape blue graphic color non compacted direct cooling top mount fridge with a maximum storage capacity of 252 liters. This product has inverter technology base cooling features and two doors. Together with the top mount freezer section bottom section has a basket to store green food with actual evaluation. The total body is made of 7 layers PCM side cabinet sheet, and the door consists of 9 layers VCM doorway. This strongly constructs cooling machine is capable of holding the coolness with the compartment properly. In the fridge compartment, you'll find two glass plates is given to keep the food in addition to the bottle is capable of keeping six bottles at one time. On top of the part, one chilled room is given to make the food cool instantly. In any case, you might also store eggs in the egg tray by using two pocket trays. On the other hand, the freezer compartment has wide storage space to store heavy food, including a one-two and shelf ice tray for storing Ice. In general, this is a household size model of fridge to store the food in perfect condition. Complete dimension of the product is (W X D X H): (800 X 870 X 1845). According to the size, you got to have nice enough space to store this item correctly in your room.

Cooling Attributes

Cooling with the support of the gas compressor creates a cooling and provides to the pit accurately. Unlike the ordinary model of fridge, this fridge has been using green technology for heating. This Samsung Top Mount Fridge has been using R600a gas for the refrigerant. This cooling is perfect for keeping the food secure at N to the ST course climate course. All these non-frost cooling technologies have all the qualities to keep your food fresh and healthy at the right time of warm summer.

Storage Capacity

The net quantity of this directs cooling fridge model is 252 liters or 14 ft. This is a good enough room for fridge. Along with two different non-vegetarian and fruit, it has several layers to keep other daily meals. Due to having an extended doorway, there are two bottle storage racks given instead of that's egg storage container and regular drinks storage rack. Apart from one Ice try, one proper attempt is granted to make Ice cream in the hot summertime.

Available Features

Samsung Top Mount Fridge is made of standard cooling features with a readily operating function. All the accessible characteristics of Fridge price in Bangladesh are given below.

Nanotechnology: This method functions as an anti-bacterial feature of the fridge compartment. This attribute makes sure regarding food safety. It is prevented from becoming rotten in addition to keeps the food fresh for an extended time with real odor and vitamin.

Door lock: it is a frequent practice of modern-day fridge. You can keep the food safe in your absence.

Climate Types: this can be a significant problem in terms of fridge choice. According to the Bangladeshi weather N class, the fridge model is required.

Electric Features: Because of having no inverter technology, you might need to pay a handsome amount as an electricity bill. Otherwise, it is simple to run this product together with the average voltage of 220V into 230V with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Long LED Belt: Led light will provide you a clear inside view of the pit. Besides, it has a control panel inside the compartment with that it's possible to correct the temperature quickly.

Multi Air Flow system: This extra attribute has made the fridge stronger than previously. It may offer air properly on both sides. Thus you can store your meals for a long time at your fridge.

Jet atmosphere cooling: Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh has jet air cooling choice to make sure regarding the food security and quick cooling. Throughout the heavy humid and hot summer, you only need to press the atmosphere cool jet button to acquire the very first service from the fridge.

Electric Features

It's home cooperation; therefore, you do not require having any high voltage electricity distribution line. It is enough to conduct Deep freezer price in Bangladesh with a standard power voltage of 220V to 240V with a regular frequency of 50Hz, and it just consumes 650 watts electricity at the time of usage.

Cost and Availability

Samsung is a famous brand, and they have several showrooms throughout Bangladesh. You could quickly found of Samsung products at your nearest Samsung electronics Bangladesh showrooms.

Samsung is very much known for its fair price. In the case of Samsung Top Mount Fridge is no difference. In final, According to me personally, if you're looking for a fridge at an affordable price, it is up to you to choose the final decision. Be happy and the blessing of contemporary science.

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