Aflas O-Rings

Aflas O-Rings

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O-rings are the most widely recognized technique for making a seal. From profound water applications to the space transport, O-rings can be discovered high and low. O-rings seal fluids and gases well. Subsequently they are utilized in each mechanical plant, car, planes, paint firearms, oxygen tanks, military tanks, and a couple of youngsters wrists.

There are various sorts of O-rings accessible in the market, which are made with a wide scope of materials. Every material has its own arrangement of advantages and disadvantages.

Picking the correct material to a great extent relies upon the application the things that must be considered are: Size, temperature, application, media, weight and speed (if the application is dynamic). The measure of weight an O-ring can keep up relies upon how it is mounted. The best strategy for containing an O-ring is to have a notch with the fitting profundity for the O-ring to encompass it on 3 sides. A restricting rib or tongue fit as a fiddle frequently supplies the fourth side. Get in touch with us for O-RingSales



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Great Wear Resistance, Good Comp. Set Resistance, Moderate Short-Term Resilience, Good Permeation Resistance

Kalrez O-Rings Temperature Range:

- 10ºF to 615ºF

Kalrez O-Rings Recommended For:

High Temperature Resistance, Excellent Chemical Resistance, Low Out Gassing, Chlorine Wet/Dry, Petroleum Oil, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Kalrez O-Rings Not Recommended For:

Liquid metals, Gaseous Alkali Metals, Halogenated Freons/Fluids, Uranium Hexafluoride

*Kalrez® is an enrolled trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers LLC



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PTFE is hydrophobic: neither water nor water-containing substances wet PTFE, as fluorocarbons show moderated London scattering powers because of the high electronegativity of fluorine. PTFE has perhaps the most reduced coefficient of grating against any strong.

PTFE O-Rings Properties:

Great Wear Resistance, Low Coefficient of Friction

PTFE O-Rings Temperature Range:

- 250ºF to 450ºF

PTFE O-Rings Not Recommended For:


PTFE O-Rings Recommended For:

Synthetic Resistance, Fuel Resistance, Low Coefficient of Friction

PTFE has been utilized for some reasons, beneath are a couple of models we have seen throughout the long stretches of bringing on Industrial organizations throughout the years.

PTFE O-Rings – Ideal for Food and Chemical applications

PTFE Gaskets – And Gasket Materials have illuminated troublesome applications in the fixing business. Spotless and impervious to high warmth makes it reasonable for sustenance and semiconductor applications just as Refining, Chemical and Power Generation.

PTFE coatings – Allow any metal to be covered to broaden the life of the part or shield it from assault. Coatings on Pump Parts, Bearings, Machined Parts and Seals. PTFE included inside seal materials, for example, graphite improve it's fixing attributes and permitting regulation of Volatile Organic Chemical Compounds.

PTFE Roofing – Was added to the rundown of uses because of UV opposition.

PTFE Coated Cloth – Adding enduring protection from textures.

PTFE Packings – Pumps and Valves should be fixed. Regulation of synthetics license, organizations to fabricate their item in a plant found near populated territories. There are numerous different styles of PTFE based packings including EPTFE and FEP styles.

PTFE Lubricants – From items like engine motor ointments to oil, PTFE greases broaden the life of hardware by enormously lessening frictional wear.

PTFE Insulators – PTFE parts, fabric, gaskets and o-rings are use to protect by significantly lessening electrical conductivity.

Vitality Sector PTFE employments

Sun oriented board gear can profit by mechanical PTFE coatings, utilizing it for consumption opposition on the casing, and as a protector inside the boards.

Nourishment Industry PTFE Applications that require clean non-perilous discharge operators, implies

PTFE can be utilized in chocolate or other nourishment molds. Obviously we as a whole realize it's incredible on pots and container.

PTFE in the Construction Trade means Tools and drill parts can be covered with PTFE to enable them to cut quicker and oppose wear and rust.

PTFE Coatings in Personal Care Products including irons and hair curling accessories.

PTFE Coating Uses For Automakers and Car Part Manufacturing

Carburetor parts, car plungers, sidestep shafts and sleeves might be covered with PTFE

Business and Retail PTFE Coating Services – Paints with PTFE to avert "labeling" have been used. Building elevators have PTFE covered kick boards to avert rusting shut.

PTFE Coating Uses in the Safety and Security Market

Entryway hooks, lock parts and pivot pins can be covered with PTFE

Apparatuses PTFE Coated Kitchenware

ptfe coatings are connected to espresso producer parts, microwave dishes and ice solid shape plate

Pet toys and dishes can be covered with PTFE to protect surfaces clean and for pets.

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