4 Myths that Needs to be Clear About Online Mattress Shopping

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4 Myths that Needs to be Clear About Online Mattress Shopping

Suppose someone is planning to buy a new mattress. In that case, naturally, the first instinct will be to buy a king-size mattress online because it's a common myth that big mattresses are more comfortable while comparing to other mattresses. But that's not true.

People should choose the mattress according to their comfort and have to consider which mattresses would be best for their room. For example, buying a king-size mattress online for a master bedroom measuring 12*12 sq. feet could be considered one of the best options. But if a person lives alone, and has a room of 8.5 to 10.5 feet, buying a single bed mattress online can be the best pick for them. There are many more myths about online shopping of mattress that you should know. Here are some of them,

  • Myth - It is considered that mattresses that are high in price on online sites, provide you with the best quality and comfort.
    Truth - Quality usually depends on which type of material is used to make the mattress. If a product is made with good quality material, it provides a quality mattress to the customer. The quality of the mattress also depends on brands. Some of the branded companies provide you with a high-grade mattress for all types of budgets. Thus it's a misconception that mattress with a high price always provides you with the best quality.

  • Myth - If you maintain your mattress well, which you have bought from the online sites can last for years.
    Truth - Mattresses usually have a life span of 7 years. Thus, it's best to change your mattress every 8 to 10 years as it would have lost its shape and could fail to provide its original comfort and support.

  • Myth - Online mattress is for those people who can afford to pay full payment at once.
    Truth - Mattress shopping can usually be expensive. That's why online shopping provides us with the option of EMI (Equated monthly Installments). Thus, those who can't afford to buy a mattress by making a one-time payment can easily avail of the offer of EMI.

  • Myth - King-size mattress and Queen size mattress are of the same size.
    Truth - It's a false belief that a King-size mattress and Queen size mattress are of the same size. A king-size mattress is a little wider than a queen size mattress. The dimensions of the King-size mattress are 72 inches in length and 72 inches in width. Whereas, the dimensions of the Queen size mattress are 72 inches in length and 66 inches in width. Thus, buying Queen size mattress online can be one of the best options for couples. Whereas, for couples who share the bed with their children, the best pick for them could be buying a king-size mattress online.

In the past few years, online shopping has become a trend for the younger generation, and they usually choose to shop online. Also, Online shopping provides you with many benefits, such as exchange offers, free shipping, and delivery, extra discount, sleep trails, etc.

Thus buying a King-size mattress online or any other mattress online can be beneficial to the customers. In online shopping, customers can easily select their mattresses based on the material and their compatibility. Online shopping is also time saving and convenient. Therefore, most of the customers preferred shopping online over offline.

To Wrap Up

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