Tips For A Wildlife Safari in Tadoba Tiger Reserve

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Tips For A Wildlife Safari in Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Are you preparing for a safari trip to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve for the very first time? If yes, then you should check out this blog. This tiger reserve is among the best national parks and top tiger sanctuary in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Nevertheless, if you are going to this place for the first time, the experience may prove a little challenging for you. You should book the safari in advance. The tiger reserve has 12 safari gates stretching over an area of 500 square km of jungle area. Booking a Tadoba safari may prove to be a confusing experience if you do not know how to book it. You need to know the booking rates and after that head for the national park with your friends and family. To make your job a little bit easier, here are three tips if you plan to visit the Tadoba Tiger Reserve:

1.      Make a Booking First

You should choose the appropriate safari gate to make your trip easy and pleasant. You will find two safaris a day, one in the morning and the second in the afternoon. The time can vary depending on whether you take a trip in summer or wintertime. You can also book a full-day safari if you have the budget plan for the same. The price will vary depending upon whether you select a zone or core gate. Make gate bookings depending upon the recent tips you receive on tiger sightings. Check sightings of the last few days and the tiger sighting ratio of a specific gate on wildlife related apps. Booking all the gates will not really help because each gate is separated by some significant distance.

2.      Choose the Right Accommodation

You should book accommodation beforehand to avoid the last-minute rush. Get rooms at one of the Tadoba National Park hotels depending upon the gate you book. The distance between the gates differs from 20 to 140 km. Thus, book resorts or hotels for a delightful and pleasant safari experience. We suggest that you make room bookings ahead of time because accommodations are limited around the tiger reserve. If you wait for the last moment, you will not able to get rooms and have to stay in the surrounding towns, which are 25-30 km away.

3.      Show Your Safari Voucher at the Gate

Show the safari voucher at the gate. You need to present them at the given time. Ensure that the voucher encompasses the names of the individuals traveling in the jeep or Gypsy. Surrender the voucher and original id proofs at the gate. The names in the ID should match with those mentioned in the voucher. Right before the safari starts, the appointed guide will get the permit and driver for the safari trip authorized by the forest department. Ensure that you reach the gate with your group approximately half an hour before the given time. Reaching early has some advantages because you will travel in the first few automobiles offering an amazing view of tigers, sloth bears, spotted deer, leopards, nilgai, and more. Take clear photos of tigers if you are lucky.


Think about these tips if you are traveling to Tadoba Tiger Reserve for the very first time. Book Tadoba safari & accommodation in advance to avoid last minute rush. Hire guide, because they are familiar with jungle like back of their hand. They know safari spots for wildlife sightings as well as other tourist spots around national park. It is better to have someone to guide if you are not familiar with jungle. Before you leave for safari, read safari tips to make your stay safe, pleasant, and exciting without any hassles.


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