Top 5 Hanogram phone cases that perfectly fit your Huawei phone

Check out these top 5 Hanogram phone cases that will surely fit your Huawei phones. Find your phones’ match here!

Huawei phones are one of the choices when somebody thinks of giving someone or yourself a gadget. There are different styles and specs of Huawei devices that you can choose from – and this device has been known to pack fantastic features that won’t break your expectations. No wonder why this deserves the best phone cases.

Guess what? Hanogram finally launch its custom phone cases for your Huawei!

Yes, you heard it right. Mobile phone cases entries high demand in every market. Since the need for the customized phone cases for Huawei arises, we decided to create and open our store for your Huawei phone. It not only gives a design for your phone case with stylish patterns and motifs.

Hanogram phone case also protects your device from the result of falling. Hanogram produces different styles that you can choose from. It comes from different colors, themes, and patterns that can suit your taste.

Here are the top 4 Hanogram phone cases that perfectly fit your Huawei phone:

minimalist style

The minimalist style – If you want a black and white thing for your phone, well this style is for you! This style is a glass case with a script handwritten your customized name or words. You can also choose whether you like your font color be white or pink. Whatever colors it may be, it still fits perfectly!

ice cream glass case

Ice cream in a glass case – Who likes ice cream? If you do, then this is your time! Customize your phone case with this delicious ice cream glass case. This mint-green colored ice cream with pink lining and sprinkles will put style on your phone. You can also print your name to mark it yours!

trendy brushstrokes

Trendy Brushstrokes – Painting has always been a beautiful thing not only from the eyes of the artists. Brushstrokes that create an illustration cannot be only seen on walls and in museums. It can also be seen at the back of your Huawei. Hanogram created a glass case that has trendy abstract brush strokes. Don’t forget to complete this art with your name!

art of classic floral

The Art of Classic Floral – Floral had been a never-ending trend- most notably to girls. From the clothes to bags and shoes, there’s always a touch of floral. This is not surprising if this style also fits your phone case. You may even match-up your floral style with your name. You can choose whether you want your name to be in white or pink font color. Well, no matter the font color, this definitely won’t break the feminine vibe.

golden galaxy

The Golden Galaxy – For Astrophiles- this is for you! If you find solemn by just looking at the galaxy, might as well consider printing it in your Huawei case. Hanogram is keeping up with this trend! Don’t forget to include your name together along with stars and the planets. Wait till they meet in your imagination!

This may not be the all, but here are the Top 5 Hanogram phone cases that will surely fit your Huawei phones. May it be minimalist, foods, brush strokes, floral and galaxy, with your name on it; it will suit your phone. Hanogram has a variety of collections to choose from since it ensures that your phone cases will define you and your interests. In Hanogram, we guarantee that your mobile phone cases becomes part of your everyday story. Thus, your cases does not only serve as your phone protector, rather, it is a version of how you are and what you want to become. Find your phone match here. Visit to see more of our products!

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